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June 21, 2018Hitches

How to Tie the Bowline for a DIY Knot Board Display

How to Tie the Bowline for a DIY Knot Board Display

This week, Bryan demonstrates how to tie the Bowline Knot for our DIY Knot Board Display. The Bowline is fairly simple to tie and creates a strong fixed loop.

In addition to tying the Bowline, Bryan also discusses some additional supplies we’re considering for the DIY Knot Board Display we’re building.

Bowline » Hitches

(Strength: 2/Security: 2/Stability: 4/Difficulty: 4) See below for what these ratings mean.

Often called “the king of the knots,” the Bowline is the knot to know if you only know one. Its versatility is unmatched and can be used in everything from tying down a tarp to rescue situations.

The Bowline produces a fixed loop that won’t close, slip or bind around an object (or person.) It’s also great for mooring a small craft and many other nautical purposes. The Bowline can’t be tied or untied when under load, as the line can’t be pulled into the loop if tension isn’t able to be released.



Each knot will be assigned a rating from 1-5 (1 representing the lowest score) based on the following four properties:

Strength – All knots will weaken the strength of  a rope, however, there are knots that are stronger than others. The scale here will reflect how strong the rope remains with the specified knot.

Security – The security scale refers to how well the knot will stay tied, and resist coming loose under a normal load.

Stability – Stability refers to how easily the knot will come untied under an abnormal load (i.e. the knot being pulled in a direction it was not intended to) A lower score here represents instability.

Difficulty – The lower the number, the easier a knot is to tie.


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