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Knot of the Week: Giving Back

By Bryan Black

Today’s Knot of the Week is going to be a little different this week, and instead of a hands-on presentation, we’d like to simply share some information with you on giving back.

I speak for everyone here at ITS when I say that Knot Tying is a depreciable skill-set. If you don’t spend some time practicing these knots we teach each week, your skills won’t be there when you truly need them. Of course, this goes for most skill-sets we go over here.

The true focus today though is giving back. Finding someone that might not know anything about tying knots and showing them a few basic knots. Whether this is a family member, friend, or a co-worker. It’s an important skill-set that everyone should know.

I threw together the video below to talk about how I not only give back to everyone on ITS, but also the local Scout Troop in my community.

Make it a point this weekend to go out and pass along some knowledge!

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  • Greg Whited

    Great encouragement there. I have taught knots many times… it’s one of those skills you don’t know you need until you NEED it, and then you don’t have time to learn it.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Virius

    Ever since I got really into knot tying I have been teaching everybody different knots i’ve learned, guys at work have called me a knotzi which is kind of funny, I just love tying knots 😀

  • I too volunteer with the Boy Scouts, I know they help make me the Man I am today.

  • Bouncer

    My G’kids pick knots from “Ashleys Bool of Knots” for fun after Sunday night dinner!!

  • Good work Bryan, I’m a scout leader too.

  • Michael Liptak

    I taught my 12 year old brother to tie some basic knots, I’ve learned from you… and I’m gonna teach my friend as well :). Thanks for this great stuff. Keep it up!

  • Donald Cowan

    Great Job. I did the same thing with my local Boy Scouts. I used the same knots with the addition of the Sheep Bend, (two dissimilar lines).

  • I took your advice and showed “Red” how to tie some knots. Bowline, half hitches and such. The weekend has been very peaceful, with her working diligently on knot craft ever since Friday night, although I imagine that will change once I untie her.

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