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Knot of the Week: Paracord Storage Sinnet

By The ITS Crew


This week’s Knot of the Week is a reader requested knot that we’ve had quite a few emails asking us to demonstrate.

The Paracord Storage Sinnet features a quick-release sinnet style wrapping that efficiently stores your paracord for immediate use, but unfortunately takes forever to create.

Much like the Chain Sinnet we’ve demonstrated in the past, the Paracord Storage Sinnet will also allow you to store your paracord in a compact, easy to use method.

So if you’ve got some time to spare and a lot of paracord, give this knot a shot. We timed the tying in this demonstration, and for approx. 100 ft. of paracord it took us right around an hour.

Paracord Storage Sinnet » Coils

(Strength: 4/Secure: 4/Stability: 4/Difficulty: 3)

Please refer to our Knot of the Week introduction post for a description of what these ratings mean.


  • Storing lengths of paracord
  • Quick-release deployment of paracord

Tying Instructions:


  1. Coil up approx. 5-6 loops of paracord, ensuring the standing end is within the loops
  2. Form a bight with the working part of the line at the top of your coiled sections
  3. Create a loop from the bight
  4. Pull the working part under, around and through the loop you just created
  5. Tighten the trapped loop by tightening up the original loop you created
  6. *At this stage, ensure that the coils of paracord are staying uniform and the same size*
  7. Take the working part and bring it back underneath creating another loop
  8. Feed this loop into the existing loop
  9. To trap this loop you’ll need to tighten the existing loop by working one side of it.
  10. Once the loop is trapped pull the slack out of the loop
  11. It’s probably a good idea to watch the video, especially towards the end, as it’s hard to properly describe this technique with words
  12. The pattern is repeated over and over again and will eventually overlap on top of the existing sinnet
  13. Finish off the sinnet with a slipped loop for easy deployment as needed

View the gallery or YouTube video below and follow along with the steps above, be sure to let us know in the comments if you have any questions!


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