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Knot of the Week: Snell Knot

By The ITS Crew

Snell KnotOur Knot of the Week series continues this week with a fishing knot known as the Snell Knot.

Snelling a hook is a common practice in fishing to maintain an even, straight line pull on the fish.

It’s also know to increase catch rates due to the hook staying inline and not moving side to side, as with tying to the eye of the hook.

The Snell Knot also allows a leader to be tied directly into a hook, and is one of the strongest fishing knots.

You should consider adding instructions for tying this knot into your survival kit, or  just practice it from time to time.

*Note* There are other methods for tying this knot, and it’s also commonly referred to as a Uni (Universal) Knot.

Snell Knot » Bends

(Strength: 5/Secure: 4/Stability: 3/Difficulty: 1)

Please refer to our  Knot of the Week introduction post for a description of what these ratings mean.


  • Tying a leader directly to a hook

Tying Instructions:

  1. Start with your hook facing down
  2. Insert the working end of your line up through the eye of the hook
  3. Create a loop with the working end
  4. Wrap 4-5 turns around the working end and the hook
  5. Leave the working end outside of the loop
  6. Holding the working end, pull on the standing part to tighten

View the gallery or YouTube video below and follow along with the steps above!

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  • Charles Mitchell

    Great video wish i could figure out to save these to my hard drive

    • Charles,

      We’re working on it 🙂 Not to let the whole cat out of the bag, but we’re working on a way to have a membership area of the site where you’ll have access to things like all of our Knot of the Week videos to download and some other great extras.

      Look for some great changes coming to ITS Tactical, and thanks for the comment!

    • Olivier

      Awesome! Can’t wait to apply for membership!

  • Billy

    Can you tie this snell knot to the main line without a leader??

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