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November 19, 2019Survival

How to Select the Best Emergency Food

How to Select the Best Emergency Food

Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain, so find out how many calories you’re getting from your emergency food and how much it weighs. Divide the item’s calories by the weight in ounces to find the calories per ounce so you can compare different foods. Remember to check the serving size on the nutrition label to ensure you’re getting the total calorie count for a package and not just a serving.

It might be tempting to just stock up on one item with a large calorie per ounce value like peanut butter, but you should always be aware of palate fatigue. While you may be planning to eat nothing but a single item, mixing it up makes you more likely to eat an acceptable amount and can even provide a slight morale boost during a disaster.

The final thing to consider for emergency food is the shelf life and reaction to temperature change. Ready to eat food doesn’t require cooking, but is more affected by temperature. Dehydrated meals can be made at home, but offer less nutrition and shelf life than their freeze-dried counterparts. Whatever you choose, ensure that you’re regularly inspecting your food to know it’s still good to go.


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