The Commander

Thanks for purchasing our ITS American Hero Morale Patch Collection! Here you’ll find the details of our Special Mail-Away Offer for the Free ITS Commander Morale Patch and what ITS products you can find that feature our ITS Header Cards and Hang Tags needed to fulfill the offer.


Just purchase any 5 ITS Tactical products and send in the QR codes from any header carded or hang tagged product to claim your free ITS Commander Morale Patch. You must include the original offer card included from the ITS American Hero Morale Patch Collection (no photocopies allowed), 5 ITS Tactical Card/Tag QR Codes and a self-addressed stamped envelope with two USPS First Class Mail Stamps to the address below:

The Commander
c/o ITS Tactical
6104 W. Pioneer Pkwy. Suite 212
Arlington, TX 76013

  • Offer Expires and must be postmarked by October 3rd 2015
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
  • Offer Void where prohibited, taxed or otherwise regulated
  • Offer good in U.S.A. only

The products which feature our ITS Header Cards and ITS Hang Tags are any of our ITS Morale Patches or ITS Nylon Goods, they’ll look like the photo below. There are also some other products that feature these tags, such as ITS Sticker Packs. All we need is the QR Code itself, so feel free to just tear that portion off and send in the 5 required for the offer.

Header Cards and Hang Tags