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ITS Tactical Hosting RSKTKR 1-Day Pistol Class

By The ITS Crew

ITS Tactical is proud to announce that we’re hosting a RSKTKR 1-Day Combative Pistol Class here in the D/FW Area.

The class will begin at 0900 Sunday, February 21st at Jacob’s Plain Gun Club in Greenville, TX and run until the late afternoon.

Cost will be $150 for the class and $15 for the range fee. We’re working on a price break and sponsors too, so the class tuition could wind up being a bit cheaper and have some great giveaways as well.

Of course there will be some ITS Schwag to giveaway and the top shooter will win an ITS Tactical ETA Kit ($100 value).

We’ve only got a few slots left to fill, so if you’re interested, drop us a line here. There will be a $50 non-refundable deposit due by January 21st to hold a spot in the class.

Here’s the tentative training schedule:

  • Muster
  • Instructor Introduction
  • Course Explanation and expectations
  • Weapon safety / med brief / Range Rules
  • Admin Load and press checks
  • Cold qualification 12 rounds
  • Fundamentals of Combative Pistol
  • Practical Application through Dry Fire Drills 7yd
  • Warm ups 3 magazines 45 rounds
  • Communications
  • Threat Front drills 7 yards 3 magazines 45 rounds
  • Emergency reloads Dry Fire
  • Emergency Reload Prac App 7 yd 45 rounds
  • Tactical reload 30 rounds
  • Malfunctions and Single Hand Shooting / Practice Rounds (5 each) and 30 rounds
  • Multiple Target Transitions 30 rounds
  • 180’s 30 rounds
  • Finishing Drills 30 rounds
  • Shooting and moving 3 magazine 45 rounds
  • Monica, Prone, Urban Prone, and other unusual positions VTACS from the 7 magazine 45 rounds

Tenative gear list is as follows:

  • Pistol w/ min. 2 mags – preferably four
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Holster (what you’d like to use, if you typically carry a drop-leg then use a drop-leg, if you carry concealed, then bring that holster, etc.)
  • Mag Pouches (if you use them)
  • Eye pro
  • Ear pro
  • Field Hat (Baseball Hat)
  • Cleaning equip.

Here’s some further information from the RSKTKR Web site on their Combative Pistol Classes

The Combative Pistol Classes are directly based on my time in the Military with Security Forces as a 9545, in Force Reconnaissance Co. as a 8404, as a Private Military Contractor in the Middle East and Europe, and as a Contracted Firearms Instructor for the Federal Air Marshal Service. The skill sets I teach in this portion are directly related to surviving a tactical situation, and are a stepping stone to higher Tier Level shooting skills.

Stance, Grip, Draw-Stroke, Site Alignment, Trigger Squeeze, Follow Through, And Rituals This course covers all the fundamentals and is a fun day on the range. Starting with a safety brief and progressing to several courses of fire designed to build good habits. We will evaluate and fix down to the smallest detail any shooting problems you may have. We have real world experience as well as thousands of hours of Instruction Time that can be used to your advantage to make you a better shooter.

Additional Skill sets taught in this series of classes will include but is not limited to:

Personal defense skills: Shooters will learn skills to enable them to be able to protect themselves in both combat and non-combat situations. Personal defense skills will directly relate to and enhance the performance of armed combat skills. No skills will hinder the operator’s ability to shoot, and all training will focus solely on tactical operational environments.

Attack the Attacker mindset: Having the shooter attack the attacker and gain the tactical advantage through aggressive movement into the adversary.

Immediate actions: Methods to react appropriately to multiple immediate threats during any situation.

Weapon handling, carriage and stowage (both primary and secondary): Proper procedures on how to safely and effectively handle weapon in a high threat environment. Also learn concealed weapon techniques and proper stowage and handling.

Tactical movement and use of cover: Techniques on how to move and use cover to your tactical advantage.

Target identification, threat assessment and determination and application of appropriate response: Training will include methods to identify targets and prioritize the threat through threat assessment and include realistic training scenarios for shooters to perform these skills under realistic pressure.

Practical evolution and validation exercises (Quick Reaction drills and FTX scenarios) designed for mission specific tasks: All phases of training will include a validation exercise to ensure that techniques learned can be properly applied by all shooters in multiple high intensity combat training scenarios.

Let us know if you have any questions, and we hope you can make it out to the class!

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  • Larry Rocha

    Is this going to be an ongoing deal or one-time tester to check for profitability?

    Would love to attend but this one I’ll have to hang back.


    • Larry,

      We’re not profiting off this class, just hosting it. We’d like to start bringing in more classes to the D/FW Area and will definitely be trying to set more up.

      Thanks for the comment,

  • kevin gardner

    Sounds like a good time. Sure wish this kind of stuff would be around the Ft Campbell Ky area.

    • Kevin,

      Surely there’s some kind of classes around the Ft. Campbell area, right?

      ~ Bryan

    • Just spent the week there actually and this might be closer to happening than you think. 😉
      Just got picked up by a conglomerate and I might be spending more time in that area real soon.
      Drop me a line and we can discuss this more.

  • kevin gardner

    There’s one place in the area but it doesn’t advertise for any shooting competitions just mainly instructional courses.

  • Brockb

    Sounds like a good time. To bad its like an 8 hour drive down there. I would need a few months advanced notice to work something like this.

  • Really looking forward to this class!
    Leraning will take place, and we will have a good time!
    Thanks again for inviting us out Justin, “The Redhead” and I are looking forward to it.
    If anyone has specific questions not covered, just drop me a line.

  • Learning, not that other thing I typed.
    I swear it’s the keyboard and not me ;-P


    I visited the website, no in depth bio on the instructor, is it posted anywhere? I like to get to know the instructor before I sign up for a class, but I am interested.

  • Directly from website, for more you can contact me directly at 813-956-5050


    “Doc” spent 11 years in the U.S. Navy where he served as an AW, AO, and finished up his time as a HM. He spent over 5 years as a Security Specialist, doing time on Patrol, Communications, Special Investigations, and was part of 2 different Special Response Teams. He transitioned to being a Corpsman (Combat Medic) and he was attached to a Marine Corps Force Reconnaisance Company, where he was responsible for the health and safety of the team while it was doing all forms of Special Operations Missions.

    He became a Civilian in 2001 and began working in the Middle East and Europe as a Private Military Contractor, working Static and Dynamic positions as a PSD Operator and Force Protection Specialist.

    After returning to the States he took his experience and went to work at the Federal Air Marshal Training center in Atlantic city NJ teaching Advanced Pistol and Concealed Carry to the Federal Law enforcement Officers that protect our skies.

    “Doc” is prepared to use his years of experience in the field and his “Podium” time teaching to make you a better Shooter.

    • PPGMD


      I must be blind because I didn’t see it anywhere on the website when I was clicking around. Hmm sounds good.

  • Guys,

    We’ve had a couple of people who have sent an email via the contact form that are interested but didn’t leave contact info for us to return their email.

    If you’re interested and haven’t received a reply from us yet, please send another email via the contact form.


  • GOOD CLASS! Texas weather tried to ruin it but we pressed forward! Thanks for making it a fun trip and hope to do more out there soon.
    “Doc” up!”

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