Our Next Camo Comparison is Coming Soon!

by June 3, 2010 06/3/10

Why not top off the day with a trifecta of Camouflage news, and announce our next Camo Comparison!

Later next week, I’ll be heading down to Big Bend National Park with my friend Jack from The Survival Podcast to not only take the next round of comparison photos, but also to work on some collaboration articles we’ve been talking about doing.

This next comparison will forgo solid colors and feature MultiCam, Mirage, A-TACS, Pencott, Desert MARPAT, Woodland MARPAT, SAF Digital (Singapore), UCP (ACU), Three Color Desert, and Japanese Flecktarn.

We’ve been working closely with Rian Rossouw, who is well known in Camouflage circles, to bring on board some testing procedures that will not only evaluate the different camouflage uniforms on what you’d feel would work the best in the environment, but will also evaluate colors and micro/macro patterns.

We’re excited about the next round of testing, and can’t wait to bring you the results!

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Awesome! I've been waiting for this...

Stiletto Edge
Stiletto Edge

Good job! How did you guys manage to acquire the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Woodland Digital Camo? There is a desert digital camo variation for the SAF which is currently in service in Afghanistan under the ISAF. Hope you guys could throw that in for the shoot-out as well! If there is any help needed from the above-mentioned standard issues, feel free to contact myself.

Mike Jenkins
Mike Jenkins

Me too, but a bit sad cause Auscam is not in the pack...

Mike Petrucci
Mike Petrucci

I'm excited for the next comparison! Thanks for taking the time to really compare this camo!

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