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ITS Tactical Multicam Patch

By The ITS Crew

itstacticalmulticampatch2The results are in, and color scheme #1 is the winner!

We’ve already contacted our friend  Mil-Spec Monkey, placed the order and will be updating you guys (and girls) when they’re ready to be shipped out.

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  • littleninja71

    saweet! Will be sure to order up! Can we get Monkey to sell pile tape cut to fit this patch?

    • Don’t know if that’s an option or not. You need one of the awesome Patch Books from ESSTAC he sells, they’re really a great way to store patches.

      I’m assuming that’s why you’d like the loop velcro for the back, storage?

      ~ Bryan

    • littleninja71

      want to sew the pile onto a flight suit and hat. Guess it’s the girl in me wanting the pile to square up with the logo and look ‘nice’ (lol).

      negative on the storage…these patches are too cool to be stored…must be displayed at all times.

    • I’m sure we could work something out for you… Just mention it when the patches come in.

      ~ Bryan

    • littleninja71

      Thanks guys! Don’t want to make a fuss…if Monkey had pile made up cool, if not….I have been known to be handy with a pair of scissors from time to time.

      Looking forward to wearing the new patch!

  • Great to hear and I can’t wait to order several more.

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