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SITREP: USS Fitzgerald Investigation Begins // Brussels Bomber Shot // Total Solar Eclipse Coming

The investigation into the USS Fitzgerald’s collision last week has begun and investigators are trying to determine how the Navy destroyer and Philippine-flagged container ship got so close in the first place.

Speaking about the incident, retired Navy Captain Lawrence Brennan said, “It’s virtually unprecedented for two large ships, both operated by world-class shipping companies, to be in waters where they should expect traffic and not see each other.”

At the time of the collision, it was reported that the Captain of the Fitzgerald was not on the bridge and many of the ship’s crew were still in berthing compartments, which could lead investigators to discover that an alarm didn’t sound prior to the collision.


Dumpster Diving for Sensitive Information


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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Digital Life - Gear Tasting Radio 20

For many of us, the number of digital devices in our lives has drastically increased in the last few years. With these devices, it’s important to take steps to protect both your data and privacy. Today on Gear Tasting Radio, Bryan and Rob discuss digital do’s and don’ts.

We offered suggestions for things like backing up data, as well as protecting your devices with a strong password or passcode. We also highlighted some great gear solutions, both hardware and software based to ensure you stay protected.

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ITS Logo Morale Patch (Moonlight)
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ITS Lapel Daggers
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Backcountry Emergencies: Managing Sprains, Strains and Breaks

The weather has finally warmed up and you’re out enjoying a hike in the mountains. The trail is mostly clear with a few little patches of snow and ice in the shade. You go off trail to “relieve” yourself in the majesty of the wilderness and as you make your way back to the trail, you plant your foot on a little patch of ice.

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