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November 30, 2017Gear Tasting

Is Firepen a Viable Breaching Tool? – Gear Tasting 116

Is Firepen a Viable Breaching Tool? – Gear Tasting 116

While it might sound like an awesome writing utensil, the Firepen is actually a handheld, portable cutting tool for metals and other materials. This week on Gear Tasting, Bryan offers a first look at the device, as well as a showcase of the M22 Binoculars he recently picked up.

Tackling some Questions Over Coffee this week, Bryan demonstrates how he attaches the SOFTTW Tourniquet to our ETA Trauma Kit Pouches and also answers questions on bad ammo and where to find MAS Grey gear.

In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.

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  • disqus_gsAxfyYH36

    More important than case material or projectile weight, particularly for precision shooting, is round to round consistency of case volume, projectile weight and propellant charge. While best managed by hand loading, commercial stuff can be acceptable too… At a price

  • strych9

    The FirePen burns at about 4580F. Number 5 shade safety glasses should be available in many styles at any weld shop. However, sunglasses that are polarized should work. I use them for cutting with an oxygen torch all the time.

    Now, (puts on welder’s helmet) I did a stint as a welder and these things concern me for a couple reasons not mentioned here.

    First, they strike me as fairly unnecessary for most people as well as being dangerous. Lots and lots of people tell me about metal fabrication, cutting and welding processes and the thread that ties 90% of them together is that they don’t have a clue what they’re doing. A lot of what you might cut with this is going to be galvanized and breathing the fumes from that will make you really, really sick almost immediately. It’s not a real threat to your health but you’ll be out of commission for a couple days with what welders call “Heavy Metal Fever” and it doesn’t take much galvanization to do this to you. So a respirator is a required piece of PPE unless you’re cutting clean steel and know how to identify it.

    Secondly, related to fire safety and other health hazards, cutting the wrong type of metal with this could be extremely hazardous. Aluminum comes to mind, as the Brits found out when the Argentinians hit a British ship (featuring aluminum armor) with an Exorcet missile in the Falkland Islands war. Not only is Aluminum a devil to put out once it’s on fire but the fumes it puts off are highly toxic.

    I could go on but I digress. There are numerous safety and usage issues with these things and I don’t think the average person who might buy them for a SHTF situation REALLY knows how to use them properly. Besides, what is the actual usage for them anyway? With the light they give off they’re not real discreet, they’re somewhat dangerous, if found they’re raise suspicions with the cops who won’t know what they are and sure as heck won’t like the explanation…. So what’s the real intended purpose?

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