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December 17, 2015Gear Tasting

Gear Tasting 19: Covert Button Up and Using Productivity Tools to Get Things Done

Gear Tasting 19: Covert Button Up and Using Productivity Tools to Get Things Done


On this episode, Bryan discusses the new Propper Covert Button-Up shirt and its hidden features. He also answers some Questions over Coffee, including how he uses GTD (Getting Things Done) and Omnifocus to be more productive.

In addition, he provides a walkthrough of how he works and what tools he uses to help him accomplish his daily tasks.


Propper Covert Button Up –
ITS Organizational Ninja Article –
Getting Things Done System –
Omnifocus –
Strikethru –
Sugru –

In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.

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  • Darrell Kuhne

    Great discussion on productivity! Can we get a better look at the flow chart on your white board? Or is it possible to get a copy?

  • Just wondering, I’m in the UK, do your filing cabinets in the us use hanging folder type or just the folders like you have on the desk. Also can you say the name of the desk holder please?
    Love this video, I was reading GTD (because of your previous post!) and will do the purge and switch over very soon! Just getting the office in shape first.

    • Graynub Hey there, great question. I used to use hanging file folders, but after first listening to GTD years ago, I got rid of them. I use HON file cabinets that have the moveable divider plate in each drawer so there’s no need to use hanging folders. That plate helps keep everything upright.
      I just use the plain manilla folders, but purchase the kind with reinforced tabs. This way they last longer as I repeatedly thumb through them. If you do need to use hanging folders, try to store no more than one manilla folder per hanging folder. Hanging Folders take up a ton of room and I’m glad I made the decisions to toss them. My file drawers stay cleaner and more organized. 
      I’ve always got a label maker within reach of my file cabinet and keep fresh folders at the beginning of the file drawer. It shouldn’t take you any more than a minute to create a new file. You want it to feel effortless!
      The organizer on my desk is a custom Groove that Mike Dudek made for me: I have one at home and one at the office. I like this version because I can set my phone on it instead of just placing it on my desk. Plus, by having a specific number of holes for pens, etc. it’s really made me streamline what I keep on my desk. I really like having a dedicated spot for spare pocket notebooks too.
      Hope that helps, congrats on getting into GTD and getting your office into shape, it may seem overwhelming at first, but it does wonders for productivity!

    • Many thanks for your quick and very informative reply!!!
      Will do the files as you suggested and look into the desk system you have. I did not realize it had extra places for pens and phone. Very cool!
      It’s great you did this video, I was reading gtd the new version after reading your older post and it has really been helpful. Many thanks!

    • Graynub You’re very welcome, check out the GTD Audiobook too. I’ve found it a great way to revisit the content on a regular basis during my commute. Whenever I find myself slipping back to how I was before, I just listen to the original GTD again.
      Happy New Year!

  • Celanx

    So I just saw you wake up at 04:30.  What time do you go to bed at night? #goodroutines #geartasting

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