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October 13, 2016Gear Tasting

Gear Tasting 60: Using Kaizen Foam for Cases to Protect Your Tools

Gear Tasting 60: Using Kaizen Foam for Cases to Protect Your Tools

On this episode, Bryan walks through custom cutting Kaizen Foam for a gun case and other tools, using a a special long blade utility knife and unique marker. He also answers a Question Over Coffee on ideas for what to do with spare Cobra buckles.

In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.

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  • WitchDoc

    This helps me decide on what foam/material to use for a pelican case I have for different weapons.  That large sheet will work for three different configs for different things I being in that pelican case.  Thank you Bryan.  Again, as usual, another great episode.

  • Angry Crew Chief

    As for the extra cobra buckles. I made a pistol belt (not a pants belt) with spare webbing and a cobra buckle. I used thin webbing (think lightweight 1.5″ parachute webbing) then simply attached a holster to it. My holster is removable from the belt so I can attach it to my plate carrier.
    This is a great option for personnel in the military as we often have to carry around our pistol without wearing body armor and it simply sits around my hips and I can quickly don of doff it easily.
    Just a thought

  • Strych9

    That foam is really, really cool. 

    Unfortunately I’ll not be picking up any of it because it would cause me to get OCD about my rifle cases and customize each one for a single rifle and that would mean buying A LOT of Pelican or SKB cases. 

    When I ended up with a basement was full of two dozen cases my wife would probably lose it and kill me. 

    No way I could leave that at one or two rifles. I’d be doing one a week until I had every rifle covered.

  • baron ratto

    i saw the Kaizen foam in one of my woodworking magazines. It does look cool and made my head swirl with ideas for the tool chests in my garage. Alas to lazy (cheap) to follow through with the purchase.

  • Koastie


    Was wondering what the name of the gun case featured in this video was. Did I miss it?

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