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August 19, 2015Gear Tasting

Gear Tasting Episode 03: MAXTRAX, 80% Lowers and Propper Gear

Gear Tasting Episode 03: MAXTRAX, 80% Lowers and Propper Gear


In this episode, Bryan shares a quick look at the MAXTRAX Vehicle Recovery Device, Optimus Defense 80% lowers and some gear from Propper. He also answers a couple questions over coffee including the best iPhone 6 case and an EDC item he can’t live without.

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In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.

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Optimus Defense –
Propper –
Lifeproof –
Parker Jotter –
Kaweco Liliput –
Fellhoelter TiBolt –


  • DJShavingSupply

    kc8ysl I currently have 2 sets of MaxTrax loaded in my 2010 FJ Cruiser TT Great product! Works great in sand and mud

  • Love the new video segments.  I really dig that it’s not all practiced, choreographed and positive.

  • Oarsman2014

    For hard use phone cases, I have never been let down by Lunatik. They make awesome cases and they are made in the US. The top end ones are a little pricy, but they have sales often and their lower end ones are still very good. Lovin’ the #geartasting!

    • Oarsman2014 Thanks for the comment, glad you’re enjoying the Gear Tasting!

  • DouglasLee1

    I have the Lifeproof Fre Power for the iPhone 6. 

    Love it even with a few quirks. 

    Couple notes:

    Uses Micro USB to charge phone and Internal Battery – so you may have to invest in some new Cords – it comes with one, but I picked up few new cords to replace Lighting cables I had in Jeep and around house for convenience. 

    Does a charging not charging thing when you plug in cable and you are still charging from the case Battery. Sometimes have to Hold down the battery button, on the case, then it charges from the cable.  

    The Membrane for the Touch sensor is weird – keep thinking I could Tear it or something – but so far no issue. 

    Spendy $$$

  • Bayoubrew

    Give the Magpul case for iPhone 6 plus a try I have one and it has save des my phone many of times. Also it’s very slim so there is no extra bulk

  • norgedane

    My Lifeprooof case succeeded in a challenging fresh-water environment (climbing a waterfall), failed in a minor salt-water mishap (kayak capsized in a wake). I know, stuff happens. Lesson learned is to always have Zip Lock Freezer Bags (at least) everywhere you go.

    One thing to note with Lifeproof is their complicated warranty-registration process, which is partly because all manufacturers are cagey about loose warranty terms, partly because their products are widely counterfeited.

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