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August 3, 2017Gear Tasting

A Huge Thank You and a Milestone Giveaway! – Gear Tasting 100

A Huge Thank You and a Milestone Giveaway! – Gear Tasting 100

We’ve recently reached some incredible milestones on YouTube! Not only is this the 100th episode of Gear Tasting, but we’re at 50m views and close to 250k subscribers! Today, Bryan says thank you to everyone that made it happen and provides the details of how you can win our giveaway, worth over $300!

In each episode of Gear Tasting, Imminent Threat Solutions Editor-in-Chief Bryan Black answers your gear-related questions and shares his insight into what we’re currently evaluating at ITS HQ.

For more on the gear we review, check out our GEARCOM category here on ITS.

To have your gear related question answered on an upcoming episode, tweet us using the poundtag #GearTasting on Twitter.


  • Andrew Collins

    I may have to go with the dumpster diving as a fav video since I’m an IT geek by day. But who am I kidding, they’re all great!

  • Michael Celano

    Hands down my favorite video you made is the first year out takes from just before Christmas. You had me pissing in my pants. Been watching. Since 2010. Keep it up fellas.

  • Ashton Myers

    Being a bag nerd I dig any of the videos covering backpacks and bags, but the medical bags episode is my go to favorite.

  • Nash33

    My pick is any attention you give to comms. The ham one was appreciated, been studying for my test. I’ve been around watching for about 4 years now. Keep up the great work!

  • Sam Rivera

    the intro to the radian ar unboxing is probably my favorite but ive been with this sight from right before the 2nd muster so there has been alot of great content thank you

  • Hugh Malone

    My favorite is the next episode. I look forward to what the episode will be about. I can’t remember when I started watching since it has been so long. Keep it going Bryan.

  • Stacy Little

    I’ve been watching for quite a few years now, not sure if I got in at the beginning, but I would say fairly close. I’d say the “yo dawg, I heard you like packs” gear tasting 14 is a fav since, well I tend to like packs dawg! There is lots of good info in all the videos and I look forward to them each week! Keep up the great work!
    ~Brushpopper out

  • Austin Judway

    Mine would be the breakdown of the gear you took on the Mammoth Sniper Challenge once you returned. ‘Mammoth Sniper Recap and DIY AR-15 Questions’ Love to see reviews of gear that was actually used in the field and the deep dive analysis you do in an unbiased fashion. Have been visiting your site for about 4 years now, excellent content, great production value, and unique insight from you and your staff. Keep up the excellent work, look forward to the next hundred videos!!

  • Howard Stearn

    My favorite would be with the guys from GoRuck. I love packs/bags, and have more than my wife would like. But really getting down to the nuts and bolts uses of a bag and what a bag will go through in a life cycle was huge.

  • Steve

    I started coming to ITS for the knot videos years back, but its the lock picking, gear tasting and so many other topics that keep me coming back.

  • Gray

    Gear Tasting 35, Storage Solutions 7:07. I’ve been watching Gear Tasting from the start and love them. All of ITS is inspiring and the back drop of early Gear Tasting episodes with your shelves and gear on display says it all. You’ve got kit for all eventualities even grappling hooks (I loved Gear Tasting episode on those too). Also the kit is super organized which inspires me to keep up to speed and organize my life too. I’ve implemented GTD, I am always learning new skill sets (just got your concealment wallet and lock pick set so learning how to pick locks, great videos on shims etc. I opened a padlock on a work chocolate fridge when someone forgot the code!).

    All in all ITS and Gear Tasting really helps me be a better person and seeing the kit organized says it all, be organized, be ready be ITS.

  • Mike Love

    #geartasting 70, Loadout for the Mammoth Sniper Challenge. Bryan’s insight on what he was going to take and the math behind it was an eye-opener! “Ounces equal pounds and pounds equals pain” is a great mantra and I’m always thinking of it, even in everyday carry now. Another great aspect was breaking down what was taken and used, what was taken and not used but needed and what was taken and not needed. Look forward to the next 100 episodes! Keep up the great work!!

  • Josh Wisdom

    Gear Tasting 56: Home Security Assessments, Spotting Scopes and OCD Organization has been my favorite so far. It brought up some good ideas I had never though of before for the home. I love what y’all have been doing and I have followed y’all since 2010.

  • Boyd Crowder

    I enjoyed the video where you and Rob were discussing ultralite backpacking. Gear Tasting Radio 25. I just did a relay race around Mt. Hood in NW Oregon and clipped the plastic ring off my water bottle and of course the label. Ounces = Pounds and Pounds = Pain! I also enjoy the content about IT & Comm security. Keep the great content coming.

  • Dave

    Bryan, I watch your videos all the time and think you do a great job. I like the ITS store and enjoy the crew leader discount very much, well worth the small yearly fee. I think you should include a link to the store and to ITS web site in your videos. I would like to see you do more survival type videos. I would also like to see the store offer more survival items… why not a bug-out bag with the most needed items included? It could have molly straps to expand the kit with other kits from the store like the boo boo kit. I really think it would do well, I know I would buy one!, thanks for all you do, keep up the great work, Dave Bass

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