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Appholes! John Stewart Calls Out Apple

By Bryan Black

If you’ve heard about the lost iPhone prototype, the saga of Gizmodo and Apple’s Minority Report door kickers, we’d like to share a little Friday humor with you from Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Show.

It’s no secret we’re all fanboys of Apple here, and while Stewart’s monologue  doesn’t touch on the fact crimes may have been commited, he absolutely nails Apple as becoming “The Man.” He even rants about the infamous dropped calls that I’m all too familiar with.

Happy Friday, and try not to spit your coffee on the screen while watching this embedded video linked below.

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    “Stewart’s monologue doesn’t touch on the fact crimes may have been commited”

    According to reports the person that found the iPhone at the bar called Apple at least once to attempt to return the iPhone prototype.

  • Gray Ghost

    Ok, that was funny.

    My new iPad 3G will be here next week, woohoo!

  • Eric Lien

    Ha! What made this video even better is that while I was watching it I got an email from Apple about the new wi-fi 3G iPad!

  • LOL – great clip.

    I do think Apple went a little crazy with this one (and I’m a fanboy too) and is getting closer and closer to “The Man”.

  • The biggest problem with this whole thing is that the warrant the prosecutors used to raid the home of the Gizmodo reporter is essentially in violation of both Federal and state legislation that specifically protects news sources from being raided, unless it’s a question of national security or there is child porn involved, neither of which apply.
    When questioned on this, the prosecutor stated, in short, that if you always play by the Marquess of Queensbury rules, bad guys win.
    It’s massively retarded and Apple are a bunch of Nazis. IMHO.

  • brewmanbrett

    John Stewart is the kinda guy that could get people to laugh their way straight into oppression, but I think he definitely touched on the idea that a crime might have been committed, the one committed by the REACT team and the people that gave them their orders…it’s almost like a tech version of the “interventions” that happened under the careful watch of our favorite cigar-wielding statesman.

  • Patrick Miller

    very funny!!!!!

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