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Is Your Governor Tactical?

By The ITS Crew

Here in Texas, our Governor not only shoots, but shoots LaRue and sports TAD Gear clothing!

LaRue Tactical recently posted some great photos of Texas Governor Rick Perry stopping by to shoot their brand new OBR weapons.

Not only did he shoot, but Governor Perry was under an inch on his groups – average was .771!

Who knew there was such a thing as a Tactical Governor? We might have to send him some ITS Tactical Patches eh?

images by LaRue Tactical

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  • chadvb

    I’m really jealous… send him up here to MD to change our screwed up gun laws! I’m sure that our governer would wet his pants if he saw that “military style machine gun”!

  • TxSoldier

    OOOOOOH I dunno! It’s black and evil! It might hurt someone! He does appear to be the “tacti-cool” governor.

  • Rolsby

    No, my Governor posted this:

    Can’t wait until the election…

  • As a Texas Native, that is AWESOME!

  • Maicher

    Looks like Ol’ Rick has been watching too much Scarface recently, he should stick to politics instead of looking ridiculous firing from the hip etc.

  • Blacksheep

    God I love Texas!

  • We used to have a tactical governor up here, I think we need to take the new guy shooting.

  • My governor is famous for wielding a Dillon M134 to some effect, and managed to ban .50 cal across the board in my state anyway. Buyer beware.

  • I went to school with LaRue’s son. I don’t know if they are ACTUALLY related, but I saw the kid in the factory one time. I used to live right down the road, and they make wicked stuff. I’m a big fan of Texas, Rick Perry, and guns… this makes me happy.

  • Shift

    He shot a .771 grouping firing from the hip like that? Impressive, lol.

  • Reddog245

    What’s the opposite of tactical? Our governor here in Oklahoma. Not a gun grabber, but a closet obama sycophant, so it’s just a matter of time.

  • Brad Blakeway

    Perry is a NWO puppet. His goal is the VP then the POTUS.
    He is owned by big business and big banks.
    Did I mention his illegal alien support. He has don’t nothing contrary to the hype he spouts of securing our states border.
    Check the arrogant SOBs record.
    He is an owned politician though and through.

  • Steve

    This guy is taking it to another level… Mayor uses tank to discourage illegal parking.

  • Gene Hinders

    Looks like we may get a ‘Tactical President’ come 2012!

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