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Support the 2nd Amendment with Guns and Coffee

By The ITS Crew

No, we’re not turning into a political action Web site. We just like sharing things we feel passionately about, and  Guns n’ Coffee happen to be a few.

We recently heard about the Brady Campaign running a petition to garner support for a ridiculous gun-free policy at all Starbucks stores.

According to the Brady Campaign, “more and more gun owners have been gathering at restaurants and coffee shops like Starbucks with guns strapped to their hips, intimidating fellow patrons.”

For now, Starbucks is refusing to prohibit the open carrying of firearms in its stores, and the Brady Campaign’s logo that you see here has become the opposite of what they envisioned when they created it…

A Pro-Starbucks Guns and Coffee logo! Don’t you love it when that happens?

Anyhow, there’s talk over at drumming up support for a Morale Patch of this logo, with proceeds going to benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

We’re all major supporters of the SOWF and we’re going to try and do anything we can to help get this patch made.

So how about it? Who’s up for a patch benefiting SOWF if these get made?

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  • AndrewxAnarchy

    Gotta get that as a patch.

    Caffeine Brigade? 😛

  • I’m DEFINITELY in. Sign me up for a few.

  • jelly

    Here’s a ‘happy’ version with the stars from the original rather than the frown and question marks;

    • Allen

      I like this verision better. I’m down for a few patches

  • Jarhead556

    That is great, I would buy a few of them.

  • Quern

    I’m in for a few. Who’s heading this up? I am already working some morale and class patches for our training unit.

  • Keith

    Sure throw me in the mix too.

  • I’m BIG Starbuck’s fanatic, and while I don’t plan on wearing my IBA in to get coffee, these patches would be some serious fun on other gear, or on hats… and stuff. ??

  • Todd

    I’m from Seattle and would LOVE to have a couple od those!

    • eric blumer


  • VooDoo3

    I’m all over that! That is the shit!

  • Im In

  • julio delahuerta

    Shit, okay im in.

  • Good on Starbucks, I sent them a thanks message

    The patch Idea is cool

    ~James G

  • im in!

  • Johnny Bee

    Starbucks junkie here. The idea of coopting the campaign logo makes me smile.

    Sign me up for that patch !!

  • kevin gardner

    DO the patch!!!!!

  • pyrotech

    I gotta have at least one of them when they get made…

  • Reddog245

    This would highlight my two favorite things: Great coffee and guns! I would need one for each messenger bags, briefcase, and backpack, two for hats, and one for my jacket, plus 12 for the crew at my Starbucks. Is there a quantity discount for orders of 20+?

  • Reddog245

    BTW-I like the stars and smile better, plus I don’t want to be confused as a brady bunch supporter.

  • Sundevil98

    Muy bueno. I’d get a few and give them away.

  • Fred

    I’d be up for one!

  • hawaiianbob

    O YA I would be down for at least 2 of those.

  • TICK

    I’m in. I’m addicted to both.

  • Im not a big Starbucks fan but I like the patch Idea & the support for SOWF.
    I do like my Java & .45! (I take my coffee Like my caliber I guess, Strong!)
    “Jelly’s” addition to the patch looks good I vote for that

  • Yeah, I’m not into StarBUCK’s but I support their support of the 2nd amendment!

  • You know, that guns and coffee logo could certainly create the exact opposite effect of what they were trying to achieve with the petition. If contractors, military, and police all started wearing guns and coffee t-shirts or morale patches, then that would symbolize taking their logo and using it against them.

    On the counter logo, I would also replace the ‘question mark’, with an exclamation mark. lol Or just remove it all together.

    I think a counter petition would be funny too. Take care.

  • I also just posted a deal about the whole thing at Feral Jundi. Check out guys and lets see how far this goes. lol

  • Lonnie

    Count me in…for quite a few.

  • ZGhostRex9

    I’m in!

  • Ryan

    I’d be in for a few of those patches for sure. Some of the guys at work would love ’em.

  • Given the name of my blog… I’d probably be up for some.

  • Reddog

    Is this really going anywhere? I would really like someof these. Jelly, if you will give/trade me permission to use your design, (if it is yours to give) I will start inquiries into production. I’ve got no problem wholesaling to ITS and/or selling myself and cutting a check for the SOWF.

    • Reddog,

      There’s already someone on these for production. Should be available soon and we’re trying to get some for everyone here too.


  • krinkle

    I’d get a couple of these patches for sure!

  • Bama

    Just received my patch. I’m more of a make-my-own-coffee-at-home kind of guy but I plan on going in to a Starbucks once a day from now through Valentines just to show the patch off. And I live in Seattle.

  • Jim

    Is there a discount for carrying?

    PEOPLE. Make sure you are safe. I don’t need to see another person killed by accident.

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