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Admin Updates and Announcements

By Bryan Black

Hey everyone, just a quick update on what’s happening at ITS Tactical during the next two weeks.

While ITS is nowhere near a one-man show, I do much of the daily editing and shipping for ITS and will be stepping away to take my son to Boy Scout Summer Camp next week, followed by a trip out to SCG International for a HUMINT course the following week.

I’ll try to shoot out some updates on the class while I’m away to Twitter or Facebook so be sure to follow us there! I’ll have a full write-up of the SCG class coming when I return.

We’ll also continue to have great articles and giveaways for you during this time, so don’t worry about getting your daily ITS fix!

Our store will have a message after today that all new orders during this time will be processed and shipped after the 26th of June. Our main email account will also have an auto-responder message with instructions on contacting our Managing Editor, Mike if you need immediate help with anything.

Unfortunately, I was supposed to have already been on our next Camo Comparison, but it had to get bumped until July due to logistics problems. It’s still on schedule and the photo above is a teaser of all the different Camo we’re bringing along!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and helping to make ITS Tactical all that it is today!

Can you name all 12 Camouflage patterns in this photo?

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  • Wow! I can’t name all of them but maybe a few…

  • Rob

    Have fun with your son!

  • Hmm let’s see…

    Starting from the bottom and going counter-clockwise:
    Desert Marpat
    Marpat Woodland
    Desert Tiger Stripe
    Chocolate Chip
    Navy Type III Marpat
    Amoeba? Kinda hard to tell.
    3 Colour desert

    • *Buzz* Sorry Connor, but thank you for playing Name that Camo. Better luck next time!

      Amoeba is not a pattern LOL
      ~ Bryan

  • Eric Wells

    I can name almost all but i can exactly remember the Japanese or Singapore patterns names, but from top right going left its.

    ATACS, Desert Tigerstripe, 6-color Desert “Chocolate Chip” , Woodland Marpat, JGSDF Speckle(Flecktarn), UCP, Pencott-Green Zone,3-Color Desert, Bulldog Mirage, Desert Marpat, Multicam, Singapore Woodland Digital

    Looking forward to the new comparisons.

    • *Ding, Ding, Ding* We have a winner! You sir are the winner of a free ITS Tactical Patch and Sticker shipped to you as soon as I get back!
      Send an email through the contact page so I have a reminder waiting for me.

      Thank you for playing Name that Camo, Eric!

    • Eric Wells

      Cool, thank you. Email is sent.

    • Eric

      Got the package today. Thank you very much. *thumbs up*

  • Graham Monteith

    Hey Bryan,

    You need to post some pics of your family. That’s awesome that your doing that with your son. I hope you have fun.

    God Bless,


    • Thanks Graham, I’ll try my best to get some photos while I’m there.

  • spenceman

    Have fun at SCG, those guys are great. I went to a course of theirs 6 years ago that was awesome.

    • Thanks Spenceman, I was out there in October as well and can’t wait to see the progression they’ve made at the training center. The Kill House was phenomenal and can’t wait to run that again!

  • Steve

    Need any help?

    • Like short-bus help? LOL Steve, if you’re interested in helping out, drop a line through the contact form and I’ll hit you up when I get back.


  • fuspar

    It’s great to see you’re a good father as well, it just reinforces the notion of the quality of person you are. Keep up the good work!

    • I appreciate the kind and humbling words Fuspar, thank you.

  • Hey brother let me know how you like he HUMINT class I was looking at that and the TAHS and the X-Solo class they have. If you have’t been to those let me know when you want to go when I get back in SEPT and well make sure to hit it together.

    • JP, last time I was there was for the Operator Selection Course and can’t say enough good stuff about their staff. I’ve been eying the X-Solo as well, I’ll hit you up when I get back.

      Stay Safe over there!
      ~ Bryan

  • CharginDave

    Have fun at BoyScout camp.
    Got a question, is HUMINT course available to civilians? I have been to Tactical Response for training, don’t know if this would be enough.


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