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Blue Bear is Back with Deals on the Discreet Messenger Bag and Tech Sleeve!

By The ITS Crew

We take our product quality control seriously here at ITS and occasionally, some small cosmetic issues cause products not to make the cut for sale. Behind the scenes, we joke that “Blue Bear” is the anthropomorphic spirit of these blemished products.

Occasionally, we’ll offer some of these “Blue Bear” products for sale as Factory Seconds. They’re always functional, but have small cosmetic issues that caused them not to pass our QC. (It’s possible you may not even notice what caused it not to pass.)

ITS Discreet Messenger Bag (Factory Seconds)

Discreet Messenger Bag Body

Today we’re offering a limited number of our Surplus Green Discreet Messenger Bags as Factory Seconds and we’ve offered a steep discount on these bags!

The ITS Discreet Messenger Bag represents 5 years of design, production and fielding of messenger bags for the US market. This iteration combines everything we’ve learned into one of the most rugged, dependable and modular messenger bags ever created.

ITS Tech Sleeve (Factory Seconds)

Blue Bear Tech Sleeve

Also available today are a select number of ITS Tech Sleeve Factory Seconds! These organizers work perfectly in the Discreet Messenger Bag to carry things like laptops, pens, flashlights and other EDC items. Just like the Messenger Bag Factory Seconds, these sleeves have been discounted!

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