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Cast Your Vote on New Morale Patch Designs! Baboon Ass and Combat Hot Air Balloon Pilot

By The ITS Crew

We’re expanding our Morale Patch offerings with two new designs based off of some sayings we had in the Navy that we felt needed to be turned into patches.

With the help of our artist extraordinaire Matt Gambrell, we commissioned Baboon Ass and Combat Hot Air Balloon Pilot.

You’re probably wondering what these terms mean, so allow us to explain.

Baboon Ass

Baboon Ass Patch ChoicesThe term Baboon Ass is a Navy term for the red, swollen ass you get during a long transition on a Zodiac F470 bouncing off the tubes. The Z-Bird is a truly unforgiving creature and a long inflatable boat ride can leave you feeling it for days!

We felt that Matt truly captured the essence of the term with the designs to the right. Help us decide which one to produce by voting in the poll below. (click image to enlarge)

[polldaddy poll=4027117]

Combat Hot Air Balloon Pilot

Combat Hot Air Balloon Pilot Patch ChoicesThis was something we used to tell people when a simple “I’m in the Navy” didn’t suffice upon being asked what we did. We had a pretty elaborate explanation put together where we’d talk about new nano-technology in basket weaving and how we were experimenting with a new sky coloration to seemingly disappear until we were right on top of the enemy.

We’d talk about how one of us was the 50 gunner and how there was nothing like that 5o rockin’ on the basket mount. Hey, it was either that or you’d tell someone you drove the Zipper on the Coronado Bridge if you didn’t want to bring up the military at all.

Matt really hit this one out of the park and we’re having trouble deciding which one we like! Help us decide which one to produce by voting in the poll below. (click image to enlarge)

[polldaddy poll=4027120]

Let us know what you think of the new patch designs!

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  • Stephen Dodson

    The new patches are a good idea. I voted for option 2 on both choices. I felt like for the Baboon patch, that some folks may want to get the idea across, without having the vulgarity on the edc bags, just a thought.

  • panda

    that is a lot of detail for patches. Might work better as stickers or vinyls. Really liking the combat hot air balloon

  • Graham Monteith

    Those are all awesome.

  • madwest

    Really!? Maybe cause it’s 1:30am, but really! and i thought telling people i was a “glorified gas station attendant” was bad…(sigh) only a squid…

  • Great designs!! I think the underwater basket weaving would be a good one also,, I think every branch of the service had that one.

    • That’s a great one too Eric! I heard that one all day long in the Navy for sure.

  • Andy

    not a baboon- the image is a mandrill

    • They’re related. 🙂

    • Jay s.

      wow. now thats detail. what are the differences?

  • Britain Ragar

    Voted 1 and 2 respectively. The words “Baboon Ass” didn’t matter so much as how it popped out at me. Different words in the same setting would do just as well. The others seemed too bland.

    I tried to find the meaning of the red triangle, but I couldn’t; it makes me think of a yield sign. The balloon on 2&3 looks best. The clouds and sky are hard to differentiate on 1&3. The clouds having the flattened out bottoms shew the image, and I’m not sure how to suggest adjusting it.

    If no changes to any of the designs are made they are still great. Much kudos to the artist, and I think they will turn out as great patches.

    • Phil

      The red triangle is meant to represent the ejection seat warning signs that are on US aircraft equipped with ejection seats. They’re placed underneath the canopy along upper edge of where the fuselage and canopy meet and have Danger written in white on each arm/leg of the triangle in the red and Ejection Seat in the middle.

    • Britain Ragar

      Thank you

  • I like the first option of both, do not know why, but they just stick out to me the most and seem like a really cool patch/sticker. Keep up the great work guys.

  • David Smith

    I can imagine it now: at the range the guy next to me looks towards me and sees a red baboon ass staring at him! HEHEHE

  • theblackknight

    I want a “gear queer” patch.

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