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Class it Up with Our New ITS Precious Metals Morale Patch Set!

By The ITS Crew

Guaranteed to draw the eye, our newest morale patches offer a special twist on our classic ITS Logo Patches. Featuring both a gold and silver ITS Logo Patch, the ITS Precious Metals Morale Patch Set is the classiest set we’ve ever offered.

Embroidered with dazzling metallic thread, each patch measures 3.5” tall x 2.5” wide and features a hook backing. Hurry though, only 250 of these sets were produced and just like precious metals, they’ll go quickly and only increase in value! 

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  • WitchDoc

    Just bought a handful of patches…I think I have a problem. I am officially a patch whore. We need a support group! I think it it because of scouts. The more patches you had, the more experienced you were (or seemed). I really think that filling that sash with merit badges became a goal. Now, there is no difference. I have a rather large (small by some standards) patch board that I subconsciously must fill. Either way, problem or not, I appreciate you guys at ITS! Thanks much!

    • WitchDoc

      Any other Eagle Scouts here? I got my Eagle in 1990.

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