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For Your Eyes Only: The ITS Espionage T-Shirt Collection

By The ITS Crew


Our new ITS Espionage T-Shirt Collection features three unique designs on quality 100% cotton blanks. The Cipher T-Shirt incorporates the phrase “Thou Shalt Not Get Caught” into its cipher design.


Our Intel T-Shirt comprises a list of acronyms for common intelligence gathering disciplines. These include Human Intelligence, Signals Intelligence, Geospatial Intelligence, Measurement and Signature Intelligence, Cyber Intelligence, Financial Intelligence, Digital Network Intelligence and Technical Intelligence.


Lastly, the Exfil T-Shirt stands out proudly with a yellow hovering helo on approach for an extraction from a sticky situation.


As a special bonus, each ITS Espionage T-Shirt purchased will include a free ITS Murdered Out Morale Patch, perfect for the blacked out nature of espionage.


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    Awesome.  If only the intel shirt didn’t spell out intelligence.  That’d add to the mystery.  Cool none the less.

  • Canadian LoneWolf

    Cool shirts, but nothing in large or x-large yet?


    Also, what about the best kind of intelligence…  OSINT?  That’s where most of the good stuff comes from anyways.  🙂

  • solitudecycles

    No RUMINT* or URINT** 😉
    * Rumour intelligence
    ** I feel it in my water

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