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Get a FREE Medical Edition Nylon Zip Bag with the Purchase of the ITS Trauma Kit!

By The ITS Crew

We’re proud to release the ITS Trauma Kit™ in our new proprietary Tru-Flex™ gusseted stand-up bag! The durable heat-sealing ensures that the components are easily accessible, tamper-proof and protected from water, dust, or other contaminants. TruFlex™ also makes our kits easier to open using the visible red-triangle corner tear notches. Once the heat-sealed kit is ripped open, the zip closure can be used to reseal and protect any unused components.

As a limited-time introductory offer, get a Medical Edition ITS Nylon Zip Bag FREE when you purchase an ITS Trauma Kit™. Simply add BOTH the ITS Trauma Kit AND Medical Edition ITS Zip Bag to your cart to see the discount applied automatically.

ITS Trauma Kit

ITS Trauma Kit Body

Purchasing an ITS Trauma Kit™ allows you to be prepared with the essentials to treat traumatic injuries and save lives. It fits perfectly into a desk drawer, backpack, or even tucked inside wall-mounted defibrillator cases commonly found in buildings.

Some might debate the expense or need for a trauma kit, but rest assured, what you’re buying at ITS is 10+ years of continuous product improvement and knowledge in sourcing the very best components. Remember, you might not be the one using your kit, it could be a better-trained responder without necessary first aid supplies, or it could be your own life that needs saving.

Get your ITS Trauma Kit and FREE ITS Nylon Zip Bag in the ITS Store today!

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