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Grab Your Helmet, Cause It’s About to Get Retarded

By The ITS Crew

What started as an internal joke here at ITS, has manifested itself into our newest morale patch. While our Grab Your Helmet Patch is definitely not for the easily offended, we feel it’s perfect for those situations where it really has reached that level.

These 4″ tall x 3.5″ wide Grab Your Helmet Patches feature the kind of helmet you’d most likely grab when things get retarded, a ballistic-rated one! The subdued patch features hook velcro sewn on the back to stick them anywhere you want!

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  • Rene Moreno

    DUrka Durrrr… Awesome!

  • JAE

    NIIIIIIIICE! I can digg it.

  • Psybain

    I could have used this in Bagram back in 09.

  • dreyson

    very nice

  • omg that’s a funny patch. How do you guys come up with this stuff?

  • Anne H

    I’m sorry, but do you really need to promote and profit from degrading words? This word is very hurtful and damaging to the families that have a loved one with Down Syndrome. Apparently you have never met one of these wonderful people, because if you did you would help erase that word “Retarded” from the human language. Here, let me help you with a few better words than the one that you have chosen: RESISTANT, RELIABLE, RIDICULOUS, RESISTANCE and just plain RE-WARDING!

    • Hi Anne, I certainly appreciate your opinion, but would also like to express mine. I happen to have nothing but respect for those with down syndrome and feel that the word “retarded” doesn’t describe them at all. The word has manifested itself over the years into something completely different from what you feel the definition is. In my opinion, it’s those that can’t let go of the hurtful meaning of the word that are allowing it to remain hurtful. You along with many others may disagree with me and that’s fine, as mentioned in our description this patch isn’t for the easily offended.

    • Marty Bishop

         [ri-tahrd, for 1–3, 5; ree-tahrd for 4] Show IPA
      verb (used with object)
      hinder or impede.
      something that retards; hindrance.

      Fuck that noise, nobody should be apologizing to this woman at all, Someone who had Downs has Downs. Retard has absolutely relation whatsoever to a diagnosis or medical condition. How long until the terms Downs is no longer socially acceptable?
      Everyone has their fucking burdens to bear in life and frankly nobody should pay any particular attention to you or your bullshit. also you don’t need to be here, You also are not required to approve of the patch nor do you need to purchase it. Get the fuck over yourself the term retarded is is used constantly in both professional settting and as slang all the time and it isn’t going anywhere. Tell me why does the term retard or retarded offend your delicate sensibilities so badly buy you have no issue with dull, feeble, imbessele, or moron? Because if someone actually wanted to use those words in an offensive manner they could be a lot more harmful than a universally used term with a half dozen unique definitions none of which have any direct relationship to your issue.

      Life is tough. get over yourself

    • Shnozzberry

      Anne, you are retarded! LOL

  • Origin:
    1480–90; < Latin retardāre – to delay, protract, equivalent to re- re- + tardāre to loiter, be slow, derivative of tardus – slow.

    People who have loved ones that are "Retarded" need to start dis-associating the word retarded with the specific condition that ails their friend or family member. I don't want to sound heart-less here, but mental retardation is a slowing of mental faculties, and if someone appears to have some slow mental faculties, then they are in fact acting "retarded."

    If I'm out of line for not being PC or sensitive, I'll gladly accept the wrist slapping 🙁

  • Werner

    I really love it and feel a surge of wanting coming up, but in the webshop it says in stock, but when I click the ‘buy-button’ it says not in stock at the moment. Same goes for the Honey Badger. When will they be back?

    • PB

      Another vote for “When will they be back?”


    Ordered my patch yesterday… 10 yr old son expressed it perfectly when he said ” Papa that means the same thing you always say when you say you Had To Get Country with a bad guy you arrested dose’nt it ” ?
    I said, no thats the feeling I get right befor I have to ” Get Country “. LoL…His response : CAN I HAVE ONE FOR ME TOO PLEEEEEZ ?!! Awsome patch guys. Thanks.

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