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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s an Awesome Giveaway!

By The ITS Crew

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and our awesome new shamrock patches, we’re going to have a one-day exclusive giveaway just for you!

Our awesome graphics guy Matt made up a special edition T-shirt just for the ITS Crew and made up an extra just to giveaway. We’ve included one of the new sold out shamrock patches to complete your St. Patty’s Day ITS Tactical swag.

We’re going to draw a winner today, so don’t wait to read more and find out how to get your entry in! UPDATE: Crew Leader Sheep.Dog is our winner!

Contest Details

Things are going to be a bit different than our previous contests and will require a bit more than usual to enter. We’d like for everyone to head over to our Forum (you should already be registered, right?) and post up a comment in this thread and say what you’re doing for St. Patrick’s Day!

We’ll draw a winner at random from all the entries using random.org as usual. Be sure to follow the directions to be counted!

The T-Shirt we have left is an XL in the exclusive PrevALE design, which will go great during your festivities; we’re also including a matching shamrock patch to rock on your hat.

Thanks for your continued support and stay safe this St. Patrick’s Day holiday!

UPDATE: Crew Leader Sheep.Dog is our winner!

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  • William Digiglio

    I am making corned bef and celebrateing it with my kids taking a mountain hike later today since its such a nice day.

  • John Roberts

    I’m working, but rocking the Dropkick Murphys/Flogging Molly Pandora radio station! Maybe after work I’ll teach my 7 year old “Wild Rover”.

  • Great looking shirt for the contest guys, keep up the good work! Got my post in!

  • Derrick Torgerson

    I am going out for pints of Guinness with co-workers and watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

  • andrea

    This is how my St. Patrick’s Day started…

    I stepped on something sharp while walking barefoot in the bathroom, stepped back reflexively, into the cats bowl full of water, which is how I slid across the floor and fell backward into the toilet, it hurt really bad, but was so funny that I laughed so hard I was crying… Sitting in the floor, covered in water will do that to a person. All of this happened just after midnight. Luck of the Irish and all…

    Best part? The sharp object was not a rock or piece of glass, that would make sense, nooo it was a piece of half eaten cat food.

    I can defend myself from multiple attackers, live in almost any terrain, but fall because of a piece of cat food… No heavy machinery operating, for me today…

    Furry ninja cats strike again!

    Anyway, that’s my comment. I hope it makes you laugh.

    • Sounds like a leprechaun got you instead of the cat! 🙂

    • andrea

      So true… lol

  • James Illes

    I’m going to visit my fallen team mates family members at a local Irish Pub for our annual toast.

  • Blade Staker

    Outstanding shirt guys!
    If I can ever can me up out of bed, we’re going out to the woods to test out and review a new BOB bag and
    my new RIBZ WEAR set up (Complete with ITS St. Patrick’s Day Patch Cap).


    I’m working, sitting my a*** at 1- of our Nations Nuke Plants.

  • Matt Semans

    Work, Gym, Class, then deciding which Ladies to woo with my lucky Irish charm!
    Great looking stuff as always!

  • Bill Brennan

    Working then celebrating our heritage with my boys. Good day to be Irish.

  • Joe

    Staying Home withthe Wife Unit, she is making Broc, Potato and Green Chile soup with Guiness Roast and a sixer in the Fridge all I have to do is supply the Kilt! Cheers ITS! Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!

  • Matt is THE man!! Those shirts rock.

  • Robert Gordon

    Working, then International Sportman’s Expo, then a little archery practice, followed by beer.

  • Joaquin Jones

    Luckily I’m off today. We’ll be rocking the corned beef and all of the fixings of course. We’ll be watching whichever of the old Leprechaun flics are playing and doing one of our daughter’s favorite St. Patty’s activities. We build a trap for the sneaky little guys. When she goes to bed we make trails of tiny green footprints around the place and trigger the trap and fill it with gold chocolate coins. Good times. Cheers!

  • aaroneous

    Law school spring break has been absorbed by having to write an appellate brief. No corned beef and cabbage for me tonight. Bummer. Keep up the good work guys. ITS is a regular distraction when I should be studying.

  • markriddle

    Corned beef and cabbage/ baseball game/ green beer. YUM YUM

  • Get off at 5:00, toast a pin to friends and family and catch the Gonzaga VS St. Johns game.

  • listening to flogging molly in afghaniland

  • Josh Martin

    Working, then drinking. Hanging with friends for an Irish food night.

  • Jerrod finlay

    I’m heading home from Ft. Walton Beach. We went McGuire’s Irish Pub last night to celebrate

  • Chris Schilling

    Getting ready to go play baseball with my son and plan to enjoy a Weston Brewery Company Irish Cream Ale beer this evening. It’s a great spring day for Saint Patty’s Day!!!

  • Teaching my sons how to parallel park and prepping them for their driver’s license tests. Real beer (for me afterwards). I just say NO to green beer.

  • Ethan

    cleaning out the garage, working on a business plan/strategy for a non-profit medical organization in East Central Africa complete with SOP, Logo et al. Then homework with the kids, more cleaning in the garage (its a multi-week project and today is day 8) then corned beef and cabbage for dinner… and I’ll be wearing Orange instead of green because I’m a Protestant not a Catholic…

  • Leo Jewett

    Woke up this morning, Went to school clad in green, now at home, looking at ITS, and waiting to drink some green beer tonite at the local Irish pub!

  • Richard

    Conducting some good ole BCT. Specifically- the gas chamber! Nothing grenner than a privates face after some CS.

  • Bob

    I’m rocking a 50cal on a live fire convoy range for St. Patty’s day

  • White

    Slept most of the day, back on patrol tonight. Sliante!!

  • Silent762

    Corned beef and cabbage on the menu. A couple of cold beers and catching up on my TFT reading.

    Sláinte mhaith!

  • You guys should make that shirt available for sale! I know i’d buy one in a hearbeat!!

  • christophe veracx

    I went to the Irish Tunes in Roeselare , Belgium with a friend and drank me some 4 liters of Guinness hahaha wicked !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray Kent

    I’m working for St.Patrick’s Day

  • Sheep.Dog

    Haha! Much appreciated.

    • Blade Staker

      You lucky pup! LOL!
      Congratulations SheepDog! 🙂

  • Scott Shirbroun

    May you never forget what is worth remembering,

    Or remember what is best forgotten.

    Happt St. Patricks Day. One a day late.

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