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Heatwave Sale at ITS! 10% Off Shop wide and $35 Yearly Crew Leader Memberships!

By The ITS Crew

While we can’t change the weather, we can hook you up with some awesome deals at ITS Tactical this weekend!

Now through Monday, July 25th save 10% store wide at the ITS Tactical Store by entering the discount code ITSHEATWAVE on checkout! This is while our stock lasts. Sorry, no rainchecks.

Also, if you’ve been considering joining as a Crew Leader, now is the time! Until Monday, July 25th you can snag an annual $50 membership for just $35 and help support all that we do here at ITS Tactical! Just enter ITSHEATWAVECL on checkout!

During this membership sale we’re not only giving you hundreds of dollars in discounts codes with our participating vendors, awesome benefits and a FREE Crew Leader Rocker Patch, but we’re also including a standard sized ITS Logo Patch for FREE too! Put the color you want in the delivery instructions box on checkout.

Interested in what you’ll get with your membership benefits? Check out this link for all that you’ll receive with your membership!

Membership purchase with discount code must be a separate purchase if using the 10% off store code too, but if you’re a smart cookie you’ll see you get a 15% off discount code from the ITS Store when you join!


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  • Brad B

    Great sale! Figures I missed it by days….LOL, geez my luck really holds out well.

    • Nato99

      Brad, don’t despair. You’ve got until Monday!

    • Brad B

      I just signed up and ordered a patch yesterday. So I just missed this awesome sale by a day. Maybe next go round. 🙂

    • Thanks for your support Brad!

  • Nato99

    Too bad the challenge coins are sold out 🙁

    • We hope to have them back very soon brother!

  • Korey McKinley

    I kinda hauled through the membership checkout screen and didnt see the option to pick the color of the patch. Does the patch come with the membership in the same order (with the promotion)? And does anyone know what the default choice is for the color?

    • Hey Korey, we only make the Crew Leader Rocker in the Black/White/Grey version. The free logo patch that’s part of the sale will be the Black/White/Grey unless you specified a different color on checkout. Hope that clears things up and thanks for your support!

  • Gene Hinders

    Korey, I just did the same thing…and have the same questions.

    • Gene, let me know if my reply to Korey didn’t clear up your question too and thanks for your support!

  • robert martin

    Been reading and enjoying for free-just joined today to support the cause. Glad to be an ITS Crew Leader-keep up the good work.

    • That’s awesome Robert, your support means a lot to us! Let us know if there’s ever anything we can help you out with!


    Been a reader for a while but never got around to signing up. Finally did yesterday don’t know what took so long. You guys do an awesome job here! Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Thanks so much for your support Rob! Glad to have you aboard! Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

  • Cpt.HardDerps

    gota stay tuned for the next one -_-… black friday maybe?

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