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Plunder the ITS Shop All Weekend Long and Save Yer Loot! Arrr!

By Bryan Black

Avast, me hearties! In honor o’ Talk Like a Pirate Day (which you should all be preparin’ yer accents for on September 19th) we’re givin’ you a chance t’ plunder t’ ITS Store and save yer loot!

Plunder the ITS Store

Not only did we design a Talk Like a Pirate Morale Patch for t’ occasion, but startin’ today and runnin’ through Monday, our Discreet Messenger Bags be heavily discounted to $274.98, ETA Trauma Kit Pouches be $44.98, Skeletonized Bottle Holders down t’ $19.98, Discreet Messenger Bag Padded Inserts be $29.98 and Single Point Koozies be just $24.98!

Sale ends Monday Sept. 9th at 11:59pm and limited t’ stock on hand. Sorry, no rain checks. Arrrr! *please note that membership discount codes do not apply to sale items*

Talk Like a Pirate Morale Patch

Talk Like a Pirate Morale Patch

T’ ITS Talk Like a Pirate Patch be our tribute t’ International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which falls on September 19th each year. TLAP day be t’ one time o’ t’ year that you can shed yer land lubber status and join t’ ranks o’ t’ salty. Slap on one o’ these 3.75″ tall x 3″ wide hook-velcro backed patches and say arrr!

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  • RobbieCaptMilkboneBaxter

    Errr so NOW ye have a Talk Like A Pirate Morale Patch… I just got my order in, sure wish I knew tis’ were loot tu be had says I… would have waited a tide er two more on plundering me order… Yar Genius 😉

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