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Help Us Grow! Reader Appreciation Contest

By The ITS Crew

2086641_23234fb0f8We can’t begin to thank everyone enough for their continued support of ITS Tactical, this has been a success beyond our expectations!

In just a few short months so many of our readers have told us how much they appreciate our content and love the site. Our initial run of patches sold out in a matter of weeks!

This is more than we’d ever hoped to achieve, and we want to continue to bring you  different methods, ideas and knowledge that could one day save your life.

We’d like to express our appreciation by giving out a ton of great prizes to our readers.

How does it work?

We’ve recently transitioned to bringing you great articles everyday throughout the week, and we need your help to let as many people know about ITS Tactical as possible.

To win, agree to use any of the methods below to help spread the word about ITS Tactical, become a member of our site, and stay tuned to comment in our contest posts!

The first step is becoming a member of ITS Tactical. We offer  Crew Leader memberships as a way for you to directly support what we do, and allow us to give you back something in return.  A  Crew Membership for ITS Tactical is always absolutely FREE and entitles you to some great stuff around here.

There’s a link on the right sidebar of the site to register, or you can just follow this link.

The contest posts will be appearing at random times during the day, when you see one, simply login to ITS Tactical and post a comment in that contest post saying “I’m in!” and you’ll be registered for the contest!

We’ll choose a random number from 1 to whatever the number of posts are for that day, and that Crew Member will win, it’s as simple as that! YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO WIN.

An easy way to be the first to know as soon as we post a new contest, is to subscribe to our RSS Feed which gets updated as soon as we make a new post.

How can you help us grow?

  • Tell your friends, family and co-workers about us by word of mouth or with an quick email encouraging them to visit our site or subscribe to our RSS Feed
  • If you have a blog, blog about us. A link to our site is also greatly appreciated. If you’ve got something you think our readers would be interested we’d be happy to try and return the favor
  • While you’re visiting forums try to mention us where it’s appropriate, possibly with a link to something we’ve written about that fits the context of the conversation
  • Join our Social Media! Subscribe to our YouTube videos, Follow us on Twitter, Add us as a friend on Facebook (and tell your friends)
  • Submit our articles that you like to StumbleUpon, Digg, Twitter, Delicious, Reddit, Mixx and Facebook under each post we have buttons to make this easy!

That’s all there is to winning! Help spread the word about ITS Tactical with one or all of those things, become a Member and watch for our Reader Appreciation Contests!

Thank you again for supporting ITS Tactical, and we look forward to bringing you many more great articles.

Rest assured that we will never abuse or sell your name / email addresses in anything you enter it into here at ITS

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At ITS, our goal is to foster a community dedicated to learning methods, ideas and knowledge that could save your life.


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