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ITS Engraved Mora FireKnife, Jute Paracord and Fire Starting Tinder New to ITS Store

By Bryan Black

FireKnife 01

In the ITS Store today, we’re launching a new ITS Engraved Swedish Mora FireKnife, Jute 550 Paracord and Fire Starting Tinder. These represent some of the very best products we could source for bushcraft skills and we’re proud to offer them in our store.

Mora FireKnife

These Swedish made Mora FireKnives feature an ultra-sharp and dependable Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade, TPE Rubber Handle and integrated Swedish Magnesium Alloy FireSteel. This all-in-one knife is as good as it gets for fire starting applications.

FireKnife 04

Rather than needing to carry a separate ferro (ferrocerium) rod and steel striker, this combo has it all integrated. The butt of the knife houses a twist-out ferro rod and the excellent edge characteristics on the spine of the stainless steel blade, act as the striker. Mora knives are world-renowned for their superior edge holding abilities, light weight nature and as an all around workhorse of a knife. Whether it’s gutting a fish, splitting kindling, lighting a campfire or camp stove, this knife can do it all!

FireKnife 06

Each FireKnife is laser engraved with the ITS Logo and are available in Grey/Black or Orange/Grey colorways with color-matched sheaths.

ITS 550 Jute Paracord

We’ve taken the proven concept of Type III Paracord and put a multi-purpose twist on it. Our Jute Paracord is built to exceed the Mil-Spec 550+ lb. tensile strength and 7-strand kermantle construction, with one difference. We’ve replaced the 7th inner strand with Jute natural fiber for fire starting purposes.

Jute Paracord

ITS Jute Paracord 01

By simply removing the inner strands of the paracord, you can access the Jute core and roll it into a fire starting tinder bundle. It’s quick to spark with a fero rod, like the one included in our ITS Engraved Swedish Mora FireKnife.

Light My Fire Tinder Products

We’re all huge believers, here at ITS, in the practical usage of fatwood to aid in fire starting. These products from Light My Fire are all different variations of mother nature’s best fire starter.

Light My FIre Products 01

Fatwood, or often referred to as heartwood from a pine tree, is a rich resin-impregnated wood that can be found in stumps of old pine trees. When a pine tree dies, the bark and sapwood fall away, leaving behind the heartwood in its trunk. This heartwood can be collected easily and  is naturally water and rot resistant. Even in wet conditions it can spark up quickly from shavings.

TinderSticks are a package of individual fatwood sticks that are perfect for either turning into shavings with a knife or using as kindling by themselves. A little goes a long way when it comes to fatwood, with an 80% resin content, they’ll burn long and hot.

Light My FIre Products 03

Tinder-on-a-Rope is an ultra-concentrated block of fatwood that easily allows you to scrape it into a fine “dust” to aid in fire starting, or turn into shavings with a knife.

Light My FIre Products 05

TinderDust is a small 1oz. plastic tin of pre-shaved fatwood for immediate usage to spark up a fire. It’s made from pine stumps with up to 80% resin content.

Light My FIre Products 07

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