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ITS Hosts Haley Strategic for Adaptive Handgun One and Adaptive Carbine One

By The ITS Crew

ITS Tactical is excited to announce that we’ll be hosting Travis Haley and  Haley Strategic Partners  for Adaptive Handgun One and Adaptive Carbine One at The Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill, TX.

The courses will run Tuesday, March 27, 2012 thru Thursday, March 29th for Handgun One and Friday, March 30th thru Sunday, April, 1st for Carbine One. Seats will be on a first come, first served basis and each class is capped at 24 students. You can register for one or both of the courses with the downloadable application below.

Courses will run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day with an hour for lunch. Range fees include a catered box lunch, as food isn’t available within a short driving distance from the range. Below you’ll find registration, travel information and course details.

Adaptive Handgun One


Delivering mentally and physically challenging weapons manipulation courses for beginners to advanced shooters, the Adaptive Pistol program pushes students to find and overcome their individual failure points, building proficiency through the proper fundamentals and an understanding of the human body under stress.

Range and Class Work

  • Safety and Warrior Mindset
  • Gear Selection and Placement
  • Handgun Fundamentals (Stance, Grip, Recoil Mechanics and Accuracy Drills)
  • Weapons Manipulation (Speed, Efficiency, Loading and Malfunction Drills)
  • Intro to Instinctive Shooting
  • Intro to Movement
  • Adaptive/Reactive Environment
  • Mindset Shooting Drills
  • Combat Effectiveness Test
  • Intro to Physiological and Psychological Responses to Unavoidable Combat Stress

Adaptive Carbine One

From beginner to advanced shooter, the Adaptive Carbine program starts with a proper fundamentals package and escalates to high stress situations where speed, efficiency and accuracy mean shooter survival.

Range and Class Work

  • Safety and Warrior Mindset
  • Gear Selection and Placement
  • Carbine Fundamentals (Stance, Grip, Recoil Mechanics and Accuracy Drills)
  • Weapons Manipulation (Speed, Efficiency, Loading and Malfunction Drills)
  • Intro to Instinctive Shooting
  • Intro to Movement
  • Adaptive/Reactive Environment
  • Mindset Shooting Drills
  • Combat Effectiveness Test
  • Intro to Physiological and Psychological Responses to Unavoidable Combat Stress

Course Details

Cost for Handgun One is $840, which includes tuition of $750, $60 for three days of range fees and $30 for three days of catered boxed lunches. Carbine One is also $840 and includes tuition of $750,  $60 for three days of range fees and $30 for three days of catered boxed lunches. Taking both classes will run $1680 total.

All participants must be a US citizen and provide at least one of the following: local law enforcement background check, Letter of good standing from local law enforcement, or a copy of a valid concealed carry license.

Round Count for Handgun One is 600 rounds of 9mm – 45ACP and Carbine One is also 600 rounds of 5.56 x 45, 5.45 x 39 or 7.62 x 39mm.

To sign up you must complete this application and mail in your personal check, bank money order or cashier’s check by March 9th to hold your spot. Please note that personal checks will have to clear our bank before enrollment is confirmed and your spot is held. Applications and payment must be received no later than March 9th, 2012.

Travel Information

Travel and accommodations are not included in the course fees and the following details will give you the closest hotels, airport information and the contact information for the range where the course will take place each day.


The Best of the West Range
19500 W. SH 29
Liberty Hill, TX 78642
(512) 355-3486


If you’re planning on flying in, the closest airport is Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS).


We’ve arranged a limited number of group rate rooms at the Holiday Inn located in Cedar Park, TX, which is about 20 minutes south of the range. Our pricing is $89 per night for Monday night thru Wednesday night and $115 per night for Thursday night thru Saturday night. Use code “ITS TACTICAL” when booking. The cutoff to book with Holiday Inn for the group rate is March 5th.

Holiday Inn Express
1605 E. Whitestone Blvd.
Cedar Park, TX 78613
(512) 259-8200

Two other options for Hotels are below:

Best Western Cedar Inn
425 East Whitestone Boulevard
Cedar Park, TX 78613-9014
(512) 259-7300

La Quinta Inn
1010 E Whitestone Blvd
Cedar Park, TX 78613
(512) 528-9300

Course Registration

To sign up you must  complete this application  and mail in your personal check, bank money order or cashier’s check  by  March 9th  to hold your spot. Please note that personal checks will have to clear our bank before enrollment is confirmed and your spot is held. Applications and payment must be received  no later than March 9th, 2012.

Please leave any questions you have in regards to the course in the comments below. To keep things better organized, we’ll be using this post to provide feedback and answer questions that come up. Again please direct all questions to the comments here, we look forward to seeing everyone there!

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  • This may have an obvious answer but for those of us flying in- what do we do for ammo? Is there a place we can have it shipped ahead?

    • Joel, you can try reaching out to the hotel and see if they’ll allow you to ship a package from yourself; to yourself. Brannon from HSP mentioned that even firearms can be shipped like this as long as it’s from yourself; to yourself without needing to have it shipped to an FFL. Please research it first, but you should be good to go. Let me know if I can help out at all.

    • Joel, Bryan is correct. You can have your ammo drop shipped directly to your hotel. i would wait until about 5 days or so before the start of the course. I would also call the hotel and let them know it is on it’s way. No need to “advise” them it is ammo. Just tell them you are checking in on XXX and having a package arrive before you to please hold. Obviously get a tracking number. Firearms may be shipped to yourself, from yourself.

      Info from the ATF about this process can be found here:…rms-additional

      Basically comes down to who do you trust more….UPS with a tracking number and insurance…or the TSA…LOL

    • Thanks Brannon!

  • Steven

    Will this post be updated so that we can see how many spots are left for both courses?

    Just wondering since I will only be able to do one course and wont have the ability to send in the app for a week or two.

    • Steven, we probably won’t be updating this post like that, but if you throw out a comment before you’re ready to send the check we can let you know how full it’s getting.

    • Steven

      Ok, thanks Bryan, it will probably be the end of this week when I do.

  • jimbo

    $60 for range fees and $30 for lunch? Nuts.

    • That’s $20 a day for range fees and $10 a day for a catered lunch. Which equals $60/$30 for a three day class.

  • Ben Girdler

    I wish I had the funds! Great training, 15 minutes from my house doesn’t happen often, if ever! Maybe next time.

  • John B.

    Great facility, great instructor, and in the Great State of Texas…it doesn’t get any better!

    Sending my registration and check tomorrow.

  • Crashonhead

    You guys are in for an awesome class. I took the class back in November, learned a ton of stuff. One tip: know your bullet drops! Accuracy pays.

  • Josh F.

    Why the $100 increase in tuition from a fewdays ago?

    • Josh, the course price was changed after the post had gone out to reflect updated HSP pricing. Sorry for any confusion.

  • John B.

    Registration and payment are on their way. Had to wait a few days to secure lodging and backup carbine.

    Comment to Crashonhead….. you took both classes in November? What was your actual round count for each class? Thanks

  • Tim in Austin TX

    Are either one of the classes full yet?


  • James Combs

    Filling out my application tonight and sending it off along with funds tomorrow for Adaptive Handgun One class. Just want to make sure that there are still some openings. Am I good to go?

  • James Combs

    Well sent my application, a photo copy of my CHL and the funds off yesterday. Hope I made the class!!! Can’t wait either….I’m stoked!!

    • Brannon L.

      Spoke to Bryan today, and there are still a handful of seats left, so you should be good to go.

  • Lee

    Payment and paperwork have been sent. Everyone is in for a treat as I had the pleasure of taking their handgun course last month. Awesome class!
    Brannon or Bryan, just clarification, round count says 600? I assume that is PER DAY? I know we shot over 1,000 rounds in the 2 day handgun course. Would hate to show up short.

    • Brannon L.

      Yep…per day.

  • Crashonhead

    Our round count varied amongst class members. I was not stingy with the bullet happiness, nor was I playing fireman & hosing the targets. I shot about 800 rounds each rifle & handgun. Kind of lost count since I was burning some very old “coffee can” ammo – leftover rounds from various range sessions over the years, plus some other boxes of Chicom & American ammo. I ended up giving some of my .45 ammo to another shooter who came up a little bit short.

    I used Tula 62 gr. JHP for the first time, and I’m impressed with the accuracy & reliability (zero malfunctions). Winchester 230 gr. ball for my XD Tactical – pretty much a no brainer there.

  • Chris

    Me and my friend are planing on mailing our applications in soon, just wondering if there are spots left in the carbine class?

  • Ken

    Put carbine application in the mail today. Thanks.

    • Thanks Ken!

    • Chris

      Thanks for the info guys. I’m mailing them on tuesday, the post office was closed today for presidents day.

  • George Litts

    Mailing application tomorrow for handgun. Are there still openings?

  • Chris

    Our applications were delivered to your P. O. Box this morning at 9am but the USPS tracking said they have not been picked up. Just letting yall know. Thanks guys.

  • Mateo

    There are three more applications in the mail for the Adaptive Carbine I class.

  • Mateo

    Three more applications on the way for the Carbine course.

  • One more handgun and carbine course app in the mail today.

  • Michael Mauldin

    Any hints on how to deal with the “Chicken and Egg” issues of showing up for class with the right gear, given that “Gear selection and placement” is one of the things covered in day one?

    Pistol: Springfield XD 9mm 5″
    Carbine: Stag 2TL 5.56

    Any holsters/slings to recommend/dis-recommend?
    Save me a place at the left end of the firing line… I’m a southpaw 🙂

  • James Combs

    Yes, Michael just brought up a good topic….Please excuse my ignorance, but what type of gear should the first timers bring/wear? I get the inclimate weather thing, but what about the type of gear for training (shoes, pants/blue jeans, shirts and hats)? Look, I don’t want to be that guy that shows up in very casual clothes and unprepared; but on the flipside I also don’t want to be that guy that looks like G.I. Joe either….B.D.U.’s/T.D.U.’s or a ghillie suit. Just want some insight. Oh yeah….hydration device–water bottle or camel back??



  • Crashonhead

    Michael / James – I ended up wearing a “5.11 tuxedo” for the class.

    5.11 tactical pants because that’s what I wear at work & they’re durable and comfortable. Long sleeve shirt (Eotac I think) for protection from the sun plus I could roll up the sleeves if it got too warm. Baseball cap because a wide brimmed hat wouldn’t fit under my earpro.

    Electronic earpro highly recommended, as is quality eyepro. Some basic stuff like a cleaning kit & tools to work on both your rifle & pistol. Extra batteries for your dot sight. Sunscreen & lip balm. A way to carry your water on your body. Gloves & knee pads – didn’t really use them @Travis’ class, but I’ve taken other classes where they were indispensable. Something I tried for this class was the Emdom SAC (Soft Ammo Carrier) instead of my usual ammo cans. Big help not schlepping around 2 heavy, non conforming steel boxes they’re perfect for these kinds of classes.

    I used a split front chest rig I picked up from Bravo Company which let me carry 4 mags plus hydration bladder. Blade-tech gear for pistol holster & mag pouches. Magpul MS-2 sling for my rifle, but I recommend an MS- 3 if you can get one in time – it’s a noticeable improvement.

    A word about rigs for your rifle gear: you should try to use whatever gear you’ll likely use in real life. The split front rig I used was intended & set up as additional gear I would throw on to augment my duty belt. This rig would be appropriate for police or security personnel. We had some Marines in class, they used their normal battle rattle combined with Vibram Five Finger shoes (ask Travis about that).

    Since the class, I’ve decided to hang up my duty rig for good, so my rifle gear now reflects that change. Pistol gear is set up with CCW in mind, and I simply switch to a pair of Double Decker Tacos from HSGI which lets me carry 2 pistol & 2 rifle mags. I use a Maxpedition medium Roly-Poly pouch for a dump pouch, but all I really use it for is for schlepping extra loaded mags while on the firing line. My holster is a kydex from JM Custom Kydex ( Tony’s an excellent shooter and his customer service is freaking awesome!!!) OWB rig for an RMR equipped Glock 17 w/Surefire X300 (taking Chris Costa’s Night Operations class next week).

    One piece of gear I’ve added since the class is a StipLula loader, which makes reloading from stripper clips during the breaks a matter of seconds & you end up actually taking some time for a real break. Stripper clips from Cheaper than Dirt. Ditto Lula magazine loader for pistol.

    If at all possible beforehand, you should shoot your rifle with the ammo you plan to use, at a variety of ranges. Verify your zero, and KNOW YOUR BULLET DROPS!

    • Michael Mauldin

      Thanks. For the pistol I’m going full tourist CCW, although I may skip the Hawaiian shirt. Just waiting on my holster to come off of backorder (being a lefty means lots of waiting, I guess).

      The carbine for me is a bigger unknown, but I’ve got two more weeks to practice beforehand. At least all my ammo came in already.

      What range should I use for zero, and for what ranges should I check bullet drops? I’ve got an Aimpoint CompM4 on my Stag 2TL.

      –Fuzzy, who actually lives in Liberty Hill, TX.

    • You can zero whatever you like. We will speak about the differences between zeros and the pros/cons of each. We generally run a 50 yard zero. If you have the opportunity, it would be good to get your irons and optics at least close so the zeroing portion moves faster. Zeroing is extremely important, and we will spend the necessary time on it, but if most people show up pretty close, it makes life easier and allows the course to move further faster to more drills and whatnot.

  • Guys,

    Crashonhead is pretty much dead on. We have had guys wear everything from full battle rattle to blue jeans and tennies. I would not go out and buy anything except a good holster and mag carrier.

    Look to Off The Grid and Armordillo Concealment for the Kydex stuff.
    G-Code for the more tactical as well as some CHP type options.
    High Speed Gear Inc if you are going the battle belt route.

    If ITS does not already, we have discount codes for most of those guys here:

    Other than that, be honest about your role in life, dress to fit, and then through some spare mags in a range bag.

    Electronic ear pro is HIGHLY encouraged and a sound investment for any serious shooter.

    Other wise….don’t forget the sunscreen and there is no sex in the champagne room. 😉

    Look forward to training with you guys.

  • Jon

    Any spots left in either course?

    • Yes, there still are a few seats in both.

  • Mateo

    Are we going to get a required, or suggested, gear list prior to the course?

  • Crashonhead

    Michael –

    What zero you use is a matter of preference & application. I started out with a 25 yard zero, but after Travis’ lecture I switched to a 50 yard zero. The Marines were using a 300 yard zero.

    I recommend looking up video on Travis’ technique for using the prone position. Take the time to get a proper natural point of aim (!!!), use your body weight to bear down on the top rear of the stock, and pushing forward slightly with your toes makes a big difference in stabilizing your rifle.

    I’m still working on my technique, and my groups have steadily been improving.

  • Crashonhead

    ALL –

    Remember to begin your firing string with a loaded magazine inserted. (This was from our November class.)

  • A few questions I have received:

    -Do you have any suggestions regarding how many magazines we need for our carbines?

    I would say no less than 6, but more is always better. To help yourself out, load up all your magazines the night before the class and arrive with whatever magazines you have loaded and ready to go. Load magazines to 28 rounds. If you have an ammo can or something, break out all your ammo from the boxes, throw away the trash, and haver it loose in a suitable container. makes filling after strings substantially easier.

    -How many mags should we be expecting to have retained by our gear on our bodies?

    You need to be able to have a minimum of 3-4 magazines on the line. This can be two on your belt, and the rest in a bag. I small range bag that you can throw loaded magazines is a good idea. An ammo can or the left over Taco Bell bag from the night before will work also.

    -600 rounds per day? So 1800 rounds total?

    Yes, give or take. Some people will shoot more, some people will shoot less, but 1800 will certainly get you through.

    -If we are only taking the carbine course, do we need to, or should we, take handguns?

    No, Carbine1 will not get into handgun manipulations or transitions.

  • Jonathan

    Is it still possible to sign for the carbine class?

    • Actually you can still sign up, shoot us an email and we’ll get you the details.

  • George Litts

    In case anyone wants to see the photos from class, you can go to click Order Online then click on the class you want to see. Digital files are free. Let me know if you have any questions.


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