Travis Haley from Haley Strategic Using our Mysterious Item Launching 11.11.11 - ITS Tactical

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Travis Haley from Haley Strategic Using our Mysterious Item Launching 11.11.11

By The ITS Crew

Just thought we’d give you one more teaser before our big launch tomorrow on 11.11.11! Here’s a photo of Travis Haley from Haley Strategic Partners using the elusive item during a recent class of his!

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  • Andrew

    Has Travis changed his mindset on which leg to have up when shooting from a knee behind cover? Most likely just a hasty mistake, and I am by no means trying to call him out… I would just honestly like to know.

  • Enzo

    Your launching ugly car paint remover?

  • Austin

    Some sort of pouch or holster (duh!). Something for a vest. ETA kit pouch? Or maybe a completely independent gadget pouch for miscellaneous uses?

  • Dubya

    Please, oh please sweet baby Jesus tell me its the pink Geo Storm!!!

  • Andrew

    I’m putting my money on low-pro IFAK…

  • DirtyHandsRob

    in the teaser photo from Zulu Nylon Gear shows it not blurred out. and on Zulu’s page there are several coming soon icons. so…………………………….

    it is going to be something MOLLE, it has hook/loop, maybe a zipper and in the photos its multicam. i’m going to guess a dump or utility pouch since Zulu already has an IFAK, Admins and messenger bags.

  • The Captain

    ITS’s “Sore Muscle Rub!” For before and after a Man’s stay at the range. 😉

  • Andrew

    I win… Cmon Gents that was easy… You can even see the red pull tab in the blurred pic. Check out the video here:

  • Jose Soto

    As for the knee placement, it’s something that Kyle Lamb also teaches. When you shoot from barricade, that leg can support your elbow as you crouch low, providing a more stable shooting platform. It was weird doing it on my last carbine course after twenty years of doing it the other way, but it works.

    • I agree – It’s also good to see that he is not hugged up on the barricade.

    • Andrew

      Jose – I appreciate the information, and I am aware of Kyle’s stance on the matter. In the classes I have taken with Travis throughout the years, he taught the opposite method of placing your outside knee down. This is primarily to limit exposure, especially of that femoral artery. I was trying to find out if Travis has changed his stance on the subject, or simply made a hasty mistake…

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