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ITS Patches Are Here!

By The ITS Crew

ITS PatchesWe’re very excited today to offer a limited number of ITS Tactical velcro-backed patches for sale!

These 3.5″ x 2.5″ patches were produced with the help of a good friend of ours, MilSpecMonkey. If you’re into patches, then you’ll know the great quality that The Monkey produces.

You also might recognize his color schemes…  We chose to go with a Tan/Grey patch and a Black/White/Grey patch.

Please help support ITS by purchasing a patch for $6 which includes FREE shipping to US and APO/FPO addresses!

Visit our newly created ITS Tactical Store to order!

Thank you for your support!

Update: The free shipping offer has expired and shipping is now calculated by our shopping cart system.

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  • BootlegGucci

    I received my patch today. Thanks!

    I was wondering though, is there any significance to the patch design? A meaning or reason for it?

    • Glad you got the patch!

      The logo is made up of a shield, which represents defense against threats; a skull, which represents the individual; and a notch which represents the information, knowledge and solutions being acquired.

  • Kiltman

    Got my two patches today. I love them.

    • Thanks Kiltman! We’re glad you like them!!

  • EWM

    gettin’ anymore tan/grey patches to make available?

    • EWM,

      We’re in the process of deciding what color scheme to go with on our next round of patches. We’ll keep everyone updated! ~ Bryan

  • B

    Was wondering if there are any patches left

    • B,

      We’ve got 6 Black/White/Grey patches left.


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