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Lock-n-Load Java: Premium Coffee for You and the Troops

By Bryan Black

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our newest sponsor, Lock-n-Load Java, a veteran owned and operated coffee company that we know you’re going to like as much as we do.

ITS Tactical HQ has been fueled by Lock-n-Load Java for some time now and it’s some of the best coffee we’ve ever had. After trying our first bag of “Charlie Don’t Surf,” we were hooked and the Starbucks went into the circular file. Honestly, how can you not love a coffee company that not only donates $1 to military charities for every order shipped, but named their roasts with titles like “Double Barrel Black,” “Double Tap,” and “Smooth Operator?”

Lock-n-Load buys only the best beans from reputable coffee farmers, on sustainable small farms with a track record of growing consistently high grade coffee with unparalleled taste. By buying only the best, perfectly ripened coffee beans from farmers they know and trust, they pay a premium — but the results speak for themselves.

You can also purchase coffee directly for the troops in discounted packages and Lock-n-Load will cover the shipping. This can be for a particular unit of your choice, or leaving it up to Lock-n-Load to decide. Make sure to check out their Hot Cocoa while you’re there too!

Check out Lock-n-Load  Java today and tell them ITS Tactical sent you! Don’t forget to check out the ITS Vendor Discount Codes if you’re a member too, there’s a nice discount available with your first purchase and some freebies as well!

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  • When we found Lock-n-Load Java several months ago, we were STOKED. Not only is the coffee super delicious, but they also give back tot he military in several different ways. So yeah, we’re big fans of Lock-n-Load Java and glad to see ITS is, too!

  • Brian Roberts

    Aww man Starbucks is still cool right? I have worked there for 6 years, and for the past several years we had a store run coffee drive to donate to the troops. Employees and customers alike would both use their own money (or their alloted 1 lb. a week mark-out) and send them overseas to our boys in combat. Just thought I would share this little story so people don’t think the company is filled with military hating hippies. At least not the whole company. 🙂 I will definitely have to try Lock-n-Load Java, and my taste buds will be only slightly biased I swear.

  • Yeti

    I order from these guys about every other month, everything is great! Charlie Don’t Surf, Double Tap and Double Barrel Black are my favorites.

  • Dan Bond

    Well… as of 1000 this morning 3 Feb 2012 my roommate has been up for 26 hrs on one cup of double tap special reserve. He may be overreacting but he got up at 0800 yesterday morning and he’s now about to do his workout routine. This coffee is amazingly tasty and really just too awesome for words.Got mine in the mail yesterday and brewed the first cup of the last brand of coffee I will physically buy. There is just no comparison! It’s rich and smooth; I hate black coffee but the double tap I bought was both drinkable and delicious being black AND cold after setting it down to go to work and coming back to it later. If you haven’t tried it yet, you haven’t lived!!! Thanks to the ITS crew and their $25 and under article: this coffee was on my “to buy” list from there. Lock and load for this badass coffee!!! JAVAJAVAJAVAJAVAJAVA!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for mentioning your coffee source! Just talked with the President of the company Mr. Churchill, and I’m going to review their coffee for my next coffee review column. I absolutely love the names on their blends!

  • Scott

    I order from Lock N Load every month. I have try all the flavors. By far Smooth Operator is my favorite. Far better than any store bought coffee. Just try it, then you’ll understand what I am talking about.

    Lock-N-Load you Rock!!
    Keep those beatiful beans comming!

  • Justin Marvel

    Ordered a bag of Double Tap, and donated a few bucks 🙂

    hopefully it lives up to the hype!

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