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Here’s my 100 Push-ups for Losing the Bet!

By Bryan Black

Well here it is guys, I’m paying the man for losing my bet with Jack from The Survival Podcast by publishing a YouTube video cranking out 100 Push-ups.

In case you don’t remember, we had a wager going on who could get the most Facebook Fans during the month of August. Jack came out with more than 300 more fans when the dust cleared and I had to pay with Push-ups and buying him dinner.

I offered to take him to Taco Bell yesterday, but he didn’t go for it! While I workout quite a bit, I haven’t trained for max push-ups in a long time and it’s definitely not as easy as it used to be. A few years back I could crank out 115 in 2 minutes, but as you’ll see my push-up endurance isn’t what it used to be!

I’d just like to thank everyone who participated in the contest and joined our Facebook Fan Page! We all appreciate your continued support!! Now that the contest is over, please head on over to the TSP FB Page and like them. Jack is a good friend who shares his knowledge for free on his Podcast 5 days a week!

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  • Graham Monteith

    Man Bryan that was pretty good! Sorry that ITS Tactical lost. I actually removed my self from TSP’s Fan list during the contest! But I guess that didn’t help. Keep up the good work at ITS Tactical!

  • You did those fast!!

  • I couldn’t help myself.. I was counting along and on MY count, Jack made you do 104! Great work guys.

  • You’re a machine!

  • Phantom

    From the looks of it we may have enjoyed watching Jack try 100 push-ups a little more. Now that it’s all over Bryan I’m heading over to FB right now to become a fan. (BTW – thanks Jack for the $20.)

  • Badkarma

    Ahhhh…front leaning rest position…fond memories

  • Rob

    Good stuff. I was fun watching this unfold.



  • Esteban

    Lock out those elbows! haha Sorry, always a stickler.

  • Delta16

    Actually you’re hands can’t leave the ground during a PT test. Learned that one the hard way. But I think we can cut you some slack for doing 100 of those

  • Rob M.

    Bryan, that was pretty honorable. You did at least 100, but your form may have been a little off there toward the end ;~). In any case, I’d play on your team any day. You da man, and this site is fantastic.


  • Fred

    I was Jack’s fan first but I think I would have liked to have seen him try to do 100 push-ups. What can the next challenge be? Really… I think this should be an ongoing thing. How about a monthly challenge?

  • TNDadx4

    Wow, I admire your follow through. I am an avid listener of Jacks and admittedly voted for him but wanted to let you know that you gained a fan today.

    You and Jack are awesome!

  • Nice! Next time you’ll have to tag team it with the whole ITS crew.

  • btmims

    and the tactical advantage to 100 push ups is… 😉 lol just bustin your balls.

  • Doc

    I dunno man .. for someone who dogs on kipping pullups, those Army pushups are pretty weak. You didn’t get to lock out until the end when you were resting..

    • First off, I’m not going to pretend that those push-ups are a model for everyone to follow when learning how to do Push-ups. Yes, proper form is completely locked out, and chest hitting the deck. My chest did hit the deck on every one of those push-ups. When I train Push-ups, my form is correct, when I’m having a good time paying back a bet of 100 Push-ups I was more concerned with getting through them. I knew I’d get hecklers for doing something wrong, that’s how it goes on the internet.

      Second, they weren’t Army push-ups, they were Navy push-ups and in the Navy you’re allowed to shake out your arms. Or at least we were for the PFT when I was in the Navy, honestly not sure how things are now.

      Thirdly, I’d be happy to watch your video you uploaded to YouTube showing your 100 perfect push-ups. Please post the link.

      Thanks for the comment,
      ~ Bryan

  • Justin

    Good job, man.
    To be honest, not many could do 100 without collapsing.

    It’s easy to talk behind a keyboard. You manned up and PROVED it.

    Good job.


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