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New ITS Patches and T-Shirts for St. Paddy’s Day!

By The ITS Crew

We couldn’t leave everyone hanging this St. Patrick’s Day without some new morale patches and shirts to wear during  another season of celebration, green beer and overindulgence. This year, we’ve revamped our best selling Shamrock Morale Patch to PVC with American manufacturing!

ITS St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Morale Patch

Grab a few here from the ITS Store before they’re gone for the season and share them with your friends. Or don’t and give them a hard time about not wearing green.

ITS Pint Glass PVC Morale Patch

We’ve been getting many requests to turn our ITS Pint Glass logo into a patch and your dreams have now come true! Our Pint Glass PVC is our ode to a favorite beer around ITS HQ, Guinness!

ITS Pint Glass PVC Morale Patch

Pick up your Made in America  Pint Glass PVC here from the ITS Store and raise your glass!

Prevale T-Shirt

Speaking of beer, as we now actually have a true Prevale that our friends at Thunder Chicken Brewery previewed for everyone at the Muster last year, we thought it was appropriate to start thinking about what we’d have on a bottle cap of our favorite brew!

Prevale T-Shirt

Prevale came about from our motto, Prevail and along with a few festive St. Paddy’s Day ITS Logos. These made in America  Prevale T-shirts  also feature the Irish word i réim, which translates to Prevail.

These Prevale T-s are a limited edition run, so grab yours here before they’re gone!

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