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New ITS Tactical T-Shirts and Hoodies for Pre-Order Just in Time for Christmas!

By The ITS Crew

We know everyone’s been chomping at the bit for new shirts and we’re proud to offer a new design by Matthew Gambrell, the awesome designer responsible for our newly created morale patches!

This new design will be available in either Black or Prairie Dust Short-Sleeve T-Shirts, Black Long-Sleeve Shirts and Black Pullover Hoodies. To include the ladies in on this awesomeness, each of these options will be available in sizing from Youth Medium all the way up to man-size XXXL.

The design features a front pocket design with our ITS logo surrounded by distressed Imminent Threat Solutions and web address text. The rear design features the web address and larger rear logo with heavy distressing on the words Imminent Threat Solutions, split up by the meaning of our logo in smaller text.

The skull represents the individual; the notch represents the information, knowledge and solutions acquired; the shield symbolizes the defense against imminent threats.

There’s also a United States Flag on the left sleeve on the Short-Sleeve T-Shirts! Matt did a fantastic job nailing the concept we were looking for and we love how he included our verbiage of what our ITS Tactical logo means!

Pre-order your ITS Tactical shirts and hoodies here or keep reading for more details and hi-res photos!


ITS Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Prairie DustAs mentioned, the sizing will be Youth M, L and XL; Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXL. The Black Short-Sleeve T’s are Gildan in a 50/50 Cotton-Poly Blend; the Prairie Dust Short-Sleeve T’s are Gildan 100% Cotton. Prairie Dust is like a light Olive Drab that goes great with Khaki colored pants. The Black T is screen-printed in White ink and the Prairie Dust T is screen-printed in Black ink.

The Black Long-Sleeve T’s are screen-printed in White ink and are also Gildan, but 100% Cotton to keep you warm. We opted for Hanes on the Black Pullover Hoodies screen-printed with White ink, due to the grommets being metal and available in a 50/50 Cotton-Poly Blend.

Pre-order on these shirts and hoodies will be running from today until November 22nd so we can get these printed and in your hands before Christmas! On a side note, we’re not sure on the Black and Prairie Dust Short-Sleeve T-Shirts, but the Long-Sleeve T’s and Hoodies are going to be a seasonal item; if you miss out on the pre-order there won’t be any extras ordered. Any additional items ordered will be held until the shirts and hoodies are shipped.


We’re thrilled to be releasing this design and have it available in so many different ways for you guys, be sure to tell us what you think in the comments and get your orders in before Nov. 22nd!

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  • Very nice, order inbound!!

    • Thanks Eric, glad you’re diggin’ them!

  • Kevin McAvenia

    Badass design. Im definitely in for a shirt!

  • Graham Monteith

    Nice! I’ll have to get atleast 5…of each. LOL Good design guys. I should be ordering one soon.

  • A. Nguyen

    Small typo – “… the *notch* represents the information, knowledge and solutions acquired …” 🙂 Love the shirt.

  • See you added the “FAT BOY” tax on the man size. That’s okay, a small price to pay for awesomeness!

    • LOL, it’s not us brother; there’s a “Fat Boy” tax on the shirts when we buy them too!

  • Daniel Garcia

    Well my T-shirt and Hoodie order is in!
    Been waiting for this. 🙂

  • Ken Bass

    Defintatly ordering a hoodie and a prarie dust! I need some new range gear.

  • David Smith

    AWESOME! Thanks guys! Been wanting to wear something ITS other than just my plank tee. Great job on the new look Mr. Gambrell!

  • VooDoo3

    Order inbound!

  • How about one with the ITS logo on the front and “I was never here” on the back.
    Mock one up and post it to gauge interest

  • Just ordered one of each! (And with the Plank Owner discount code, it was like getting free shipping! Score!)

    Matt Gambrell, you sir, are an artist!

  • Andrew Hickman

    Looks like a perfect early Christmas gift for myself!

  • Patrick Skinner

    I love the Tan Shirt… I bet those could get pretty popular with the army guys since they could probably where them as their tan t-shirts in the ACUs. I think I’ll be picking up a hoodie since I’m moving to Mass… too cold for the T-Shirt… haha.

  • michael pilapil

    are the t-shirts made in the us?

    • Our shirts are screen-printed in the US. As far as the shirts themselves, Gildan is a Canadian company and has facilities all over the world. On the Hanes long sleeves, they’re based out of North Carolina but have facilities around the world as well.

  • Ryan

    I’d be interested in a sweatshirt on the prairie dust color

    Also does the sweatshirt have the flag on the sleeve?

  • JasonA

    Nice shirts. Going to have to shoot my order in ASAP.

  • Tom Swift

    I’d love one but as a Canadian with not real ties to America except for my complete support in the war on terror I’m a bit thrown off by the American Flag.

  • virgil palisoc

    Awesome, can’t wait until they are shipped and on my doorstep. Ordered the Dust, Long Sleeve, and Hoodie. HOOOYAA

  • Mark

    will the american flag be the long sleeve and hoodie as well…if not i respectfully recommend its added. Will definitely be ordering one

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