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The ITS Discreet Messenger Bag is Back!

By The ITS Crew


The ITS Discreet Messenger Bag represents 5 years of design, production and fielding of messenger bags for the US market. This iteration combines everything we’ve learned into one of the most rugged, dependable and modular messenger bags ever created.  We went back to the drawing board to create our modularity and succeeded in increasing the versatility of what the market has to offer.


dmb buckle change-3

By combining the bag’s four expandable interior SnapPockets™ with our optional ITS Zip Bags, we’ve developed a way to easily swap the contents of what you carry, based on the inevitability of your changing requirements. The side SnapPockets™ are perfect for a Nalgene or similar sized water bottles as well.

ITS Canvas Zip Bags


Built right here in Texas, our ITS Canvas Zip Bags represent our take on the classic zippered pouch. Made from Genuine Martexin Wax Canvas and featuring sewn webbing handles on each side, these not only facilitate easy retrieval from a bag, but also enable a fixed grip-point to aid in opening and closing the zipper. Additionally, we’ve sewn a 5“ wide x 1.5“ tall strip of loop Velcro to the front of each bag to enable custom nametapes to be affixed for identification of contents.


Available in Surplus Green or Midnight Black, each ITS Zip Bag measures 8.5” wide x 6” tall. While purpose built as an accessory for our Discreet Messenger Bag, the ITS Canvas Zip Bags can be used for anything you can think of.

ITS Tech Sleeve


Our padded Tech Sleeve for the ITS Discreet Messenger Bag can accommodate the majority of laptops, up to 15” using its adjustable design to expand as needed. A Velcro One Wrap Strip secures the top of the sleeve and is removable and repositionable.

The front features 5.5” elastic pockets sewn with four pen sized pockets, two 3.5” pockets for items like our EDC Trauma Kit or even an iPhone 6 Plus. There’s also two 2” pockets for flashlights and similar sized items.

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  • randypb

    I’m impressed! Style and practicality. That’s what I expect from you guys. Looks like you have another winner.

    • randypb Thanks Randy, we all appreciate your feedback!

  • John

    The bag that you have been using looks a lot smaller than the other two in the video.  Are they the same size?

    • @John They definitely are the same size, John. Thanks for the question!

  • atypicalsubject

    Just received mine. Materials and build quality are top notch. Love the styling and the choice to go with the zip-bag pouches instead of built-in storage, for modularity and flexibility. I definitely wish that there was some kind of external zippered admin pocket, though, as my only real disappointment was the realization that there was no key-retention built in anywhere (I got the bag, tech sleeve, and two zip bags). Obviously I should have realized this earlier, but it would still be nice to see in the future. I am also wondering if you have any advice regarding CCW with this bag… in the past all of my EDC bags that i used for ccw have had a separate compartment for this purpose, making it easy to access the contents of the main compartment(s) without potentially giving anyone a look into the area where my weapon is kept. With this bag, that does not seem to be an option. This would also be less of an issue for me, personally, were there the aforementioned external admin pocket on this bag (as then i could keep my work badge, for example, in this pocket and not have to open the main compartment when i arrive at work and need my ID badge). For my first day with this bad boy, I am simply draping a scarf over my weapon as it sits in my bag… but I am curious what your recommendation(s) would be in this regard. I really appreciate all that you folks do; thanks and have a great day!
    – Hutch

    • DHutch

      @atypicalsubject Great, now my previous post is finally showing-up here, with the username shown as my old email username! Apparently I am technologically challenged. sincere apologies for the repetitiousness!

  • DHutch

    Dammit, I typed this out once before but screwed up the account-naming and now i’ve got to do it over again. I just received this bag yesterday. Material and build quality seem absolutely top-notch, and I’ve gone through most of the top-rated concealed-carry oriented EDC bags from your typical assemblage of manufacturers. I love the choice to go with the modularity and flexibility of the snap-pocket / zip pouch combo instead of dedicated inbuilt storage compartments. I do have a couple bits of feedback, however. I would really have loved an external zippered admin pocket of some kind, where small items such as keys, cell phone, etc. could be kept easily accessible, without the need to dig into the main compartment. The lack of key retention was a bit disappointing for me (not that there was any reason to think it WOULD be present, from the pictures, description, etc.) but the admin pocket might have also helped alleviate my other main concern with this bag, which is related to CCW: in the past, almost all of the CCW-oriented bags i have used have had a separate compartment for this purpose. Because this bag’s main compartment seems to be the only option for ccw, I am wondering if you have any advice regarding concealment therein. For example, whenever i have to retrieve something from the main compartment at work, I run the risk of someone passing by potentially seeing my weapon through the open flap of the bag’s main compartment. For my first day with this bag, i am mitigating this by keeping a scarf draped over my ccw, but if you have any further advice, it would be most welcome. An external admin pocket would have lessened this concern (though not eliminated entirely) as i could then keep things like my work ID badge in this external pocket, so that when i arrive at work and need to retrieve it, i wouldn’t have to open the main compartment of the bag and risk exposing my ccw. Just my $.02 on first pass; my experience is that these kind of issues often present their own solutions after acclimating to the use of a new piece of gear. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

  • Christopher Snipes

    Just saw the video and the bag looks well made and well designed. I’d love to have one and would probably get many years of daily use out of it.
    The only thing I’m pondering prior to placing an order is the overall cost. $299 plus the additional $16.00+ cost of any accessory zip pouch/tech pouch. After shipping, tax, and accessorizing, I’d be looking at nearly $400 for a canvas messenger bag.

    I’m not opposed to paying a premium price for a premium (and well made) product. Heck, I’m typing this comment on a 27″ iMac with all the extra storage and RAM so I’m not one of those people that wants something for nothing, but $400 for a bag seems extravagant. I feel like it’s the male equivalent of carrying a Coach/Loui Vuitton purse.
    Still, it looks like a great bag and it’s something I’d love to have. I’d rather spend $100 on a less unique bag and have $300 for a new knife, gun, ammo, flash light, etc, etc, etc.
    Good work guys, but I’ll admire it from the cheap seats.


    Im a Emergency Medicine provider and have been looking for a good messenger bag to replace my old 511 bag I carry to the ER every day. Your messenger bag looks great and is exactly what I am looking  but the cost is prohibitive. I could almost buy a new glock for the price of the bag.  Any chance of the bag every going on sale or the price coming down.  Thanks
    [email protected]

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