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New Updates to our ETA Kits!

By The ITS Crew

We’re always trying to stay up on the latest and greatest for our ETA Kits and we’ve just made some major changes that we hope you’ll like.

Included in the updates are some additions, substitutions and changes based on feedback from our readers and guys downrange using our kits.

The ETA Kit is purpose built to treat the three leading causes of death in the field; Extremity Hemorrhage, Tension Pneumothorax and Airway Obstruction. Hence the name ETA, cleverly suggest by one of our readers during our contest to rename the kit from Blowout Kit, which is a common military term for what this kit treats, blowouts!

Below we’ll get into the changes we’ve made and even have a video showing it all.


ETA Kit Updates 03One of our major improvements to the kit is the use of a heavier mil (thickness) black-backed vacuum seal bag that still features the great ziploc style closure to allow you to pack the contents back in if you need to break the vacuum seal.

The new bags will hold up to more abuse than our previous bags, and while we never had any trouble with the clear bags we used, these are much heavier duty. They also maintain the same slim profile that our other packaging did and can fit in a pouch or a cargo pocket to be ready for use at all times.

ETA Kit Updates 04Another change in packaging is with the HALO Seals, PMI has now changed their packaging to integrate their own ziploc style closure to allow you to securely store one of the two included seals back in the packaging if you only need to use one.

Same great product with a small update that truly makes them the best seals on the market today.

Updates and Substitutions

ETA Kit Updates 13Below you’ll find a contents list of what we include in the ETA Kit, but here we’ll talk about what’s changed with our contents.

First off, instead of the two bulky packages of H&H Rolled Compressed-Gauze, we now use two Z-Pak Gauze packages that allow you to keep unused gauze uncontaminated. Similar to the Z-Fold Combat Gauze, the Z-Pak gauze comes out in an accordion style from an individual package so you don’t have to worry about your sterile gauze coming unrolled and getting dirty.

We’ve also updated the Combat Casualty Cards from the paper style we had before, to the TacMed Solutions cards that are water/blood proof and feature a heavy duty rubberband to secure it to the patient. We’ve also included a pencil to write the information needed on the card to pass along to higher echelon care.

ETA Kit Updates 15It actually took us a long time to decide on including our own pencil in the kit. We went back and forth on a mini Sharpie and even a red mechanical grease pencil. Both of these were no match for the Texas heat, where the sharpie dried out and the grease pencil melted and became unusable. A pencil really is the best option for peace of mind in knowing that you’d have a functional writing utensil if you had to open the kit three years later (our guaranteed shelf-life for the kits).

Something that you guys have been asking for is Surgilube for the NPA, there’s now an individual 2.7g package included for everyone that doesn’t want to use bodily fluids the patient will most likely have available for lubrication.

ETA Kit Updates 14One last change we’ve made to the kits within the last week is substituting the Black Nitrile Gloves with a pair of Defender-T Nitrile Gloves in Olive Drab. In our last article on how to properly put on exam gloves it was brought up that black gloves don’t show blood well and we agree.

This is why we’ve not only gone to a different color glove, but one that is stronger and better for our kits. The Black Nitrile gloves were only a 4 mil thickness and the new Defender-T Nitrile gloves are 7 mil, textured and powder-free. As always, everything in our ETA kits is Latex-Free.


Recently we’ve started offering the Tactical Medical Solutions SOF Tactical Tourniquet-Wide as an augment to our ETA Kits. We feel it’s the best tourniquet out there on the market today and highly recommend it with our kits.

ETA Kit Updates 11We’re soon going to have three different custom versions of the ETA Kit available. There’s the standard ETA Kit currently available with new improved contents, and soon there will be an option for removing the Decompression Needle for those that don’t want it, and a new option for Military/Law Enforcement Only to substitute the QuikClot Combat Gauze for the new Z-Fold Combat Gauze.

Currently Z-Fold Combat Gauze is available to Military/LE only and we’ll update you guys if this changes. The benefits that the Z-Fold Combat Gauze brings are a low profile vacuum sealed packaging and a x-ray detectable strip weaved into the gauze to ensure it doesn’t get left in a patient. The Z-Fold uses the same zero heat Kaolin formula that regular Combat Gauze uses, just with the benefits previously described.

ETA Kit Contents

  • QuikClot Combat Gauze (1) (Optional Z-Fold for Military and LE only coming soon)
  • HALO Chest Seal (2)
  • Decompression Needle (1) (Optional removal coming soon)
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway 28fr w/ Surgilube (1)
  • Israeli Bandage (1 — 4″)
  • Ace Bandage (1 — 4″)
  • Z-Pak Compressed Gauze (2)
  • Combat Casualty Card (1)
  • Nitrile Gloves (1 Pair)
  • Pencil
  • Contents List

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For more detailed information on the contents of our ETA Kits and why we’ve selected each of the items contained within, please refer to our articles below:

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  • flyahawk

    I am curious as to why the Optional Z-Fold will be for military and LE only? I did a quick bit of Google research and noticed several other people selling that to Military only. Why is that?

    • It’s an agreement that Combat Medical Systems (The sole Distributor of Z-Fold Combat Gauze) has with Z-Medica. I’ll try to get some more info, but they’ve only just made it available to LE. It was Military only there for a while.

    • flyahawk

      That’s interesting. Thanks for the reply! Kits looks great!

    • You’re welcome, thanks for the kind words!

    • geodkyt

      I’d be willing to bet it’s in order to reserve the Good Stuff for the guys most likely to need it — with a hot war in multiple theaters, troops are going through medical supplies much faster than pure peacetime. If casualties slack off to the point where production exceeds military demand, and they’re throwing out more date-expired gauze than they are using (or ruining by rough handling), I’ll bet the accordian fold becomes civilian-ready.

      That X-Ray stripe is perhaps the best thing in wound packing since hemostatic-impregnated dressings and gauze (vice loose agents). If I had to choose between the two, I’d take the stripe feature over the accordian-fold. It’s perhaps even better than the OCD-like before and after counting of sponges and instruments in modern operating rooms t0 make sure everything is accounted for before closing.

  • Blade Staker

    You guys really out did yourselves with this kit!

  • Skip W..

    I literally just order the medical kit and received it TODAY. Is it already outdated or being sent with updated products that I will not now receive..?????? Please advise..


    • Skip, you should have the new contents, but I’m not sure who you are so send us an email 🙂 Thanks!

  • Just a Scout

    Kit looks great. How long till you offer the z-pack quick clot? Also, a small suggestion. The back of your inventory card can be printed with info or reference material, like a medevac request or something along those lines. Looks great! What pouch do you suggest for holding all that stuff on a vest? Molle, obviously.

    • Scout, Thanks for the kind words. Should be just a few days on the Z-Pack Combat Gauze. That’s a great suggestion on the inventory card, we’ll definitely do that when we need to reorder!

      We’re actually in the design phase of having our own pouch made for the ETA Kits. Not sure on the date that these will be available yet, but we’re working on it 🙂

  • Darrell Kuhne

    Excellent improvements on an already well thought out kit!

  • Delta16

    Great looking kit! Its got everything I would carry in my own blowout kits in my aid bag. A 9-line form, like suggested above, would be a great thing to have as well

  • Terry

    SORD Australia make a great CFA medical pouch that holds one of these kits perfectly.

  • Very nice upgrades. I wish our issued “gunshot” kits were half as good as this!

    • I wish they were too Eric, there’s a definite lack of good medical supplies carried by LE. The whole “wait for the ambulance” philosophy is wrong on so many levels.

  • Kevin

    Solid kit. I have one of the “old” blowout kits. I am a tactical medic and street medic, I carry it with me every day, even when I am on an ambulance. I have developed kits in the past for various departments and I cannot think of anything I would change about this kit.

    • Kevin, thanks for the great feedback and we’re all glad the kit stays with you at all times 🙂
      Stay safe!

  • Glen Verhoeven

    Hi, i was just wondering if you guys are going to make a version that can be shipped to europe too??

  • Neal Sprouse

    Are the ETA kits marked with the expiration date of the kit’s contents?

  • geodkyt

    Needs a couple of safety pins.

    If you are receiving a patient from the field, having the wrappers from his hemostat agent and chest seal (plus anything else a dedicated medic may have used) pinned to his front is going to be a huge Clue-By-Four as to what you need to check out or know.

    Even if the cas card gets illegibly smeared (or someone just plain forgets) and the verbal report doesn’t get through, just having that trash pinned to him is a good start on documentation.

    Just like they taught us to do with the atropine autoinjectors.

  • npsranger

    Just got mine in the mail… love it, it has everything I needed to finish off my IFAK. It went right in the EDC/Work Bag. Thanks for bringing us the best gear and the greatest service!

  • John Hailey

    What’s the rough dimensions of this, with the loose ends folded inward? I’m wanting to see if it’ll fit inside a Blue Force Gear – Trauma Kit Now! Thanks.

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