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Stay Safe on the Go with the OSOE Vehicle Medical Bag and Medical Satchel

By The ITS Crew

Today we’ll be reviewing a couple of new Medical Bags that John sent over from Original S.O.E. Gear. At first glance they may not appear much different than other medical bags, but the gratuitous use of organizational elastic goodness is where they truly shine.

Despite only one of these bags earning the Vehicle Medical Bag nomenclature, they both function extremely well as vehicle med bags. The biggest difference in the Medical Satchel is that the rear of the bag is lined with PALS Webbing for attaching it to a pack, vest or any MOLLE system.

These bags organize medical supplies extremely well through the use of the aforementioned elastic, and provide a great way to carry your medical supplies with you on the go.

Vehicle Medical Bag

OSOE Med Bags 01The larger of the two bags reviewed today, the Vehicle Med Bag is a definitely more purpose built for carrying a larger array of aid supplies in your vehicle.

Featuring a clam-shell opening and dual zippers, the bag can be opened and hung for easy access to all interior contents. As all your supplies are securely held in elastic you won’t need to worry about anything falling out.


OSOE Med Bags 03Starting with the front exterior of the bag, you’ll find a 6 column x 5 row array of PALS webbing for attaching MOLLE gear, rubberbanding in tourniquets, holding trauma shears, or anything else you can think of. Above the PALS there’s a 9″ x 2″ loop Velcro field for affixing medical patches.

On the bottom of the bag, there are four elastic loops sewn out of 2″ elastic for housing road flares or additional ChemLights. The dual zippers noted above are nice and large and really help when you’re closing up your loaded bag.

OSOE Med Bags 05The top of the bag features a 1″ webbing carrying handle that’s been reinforced with red webbing to denote medical. Moving to the rear of the the bag, there’s a large slip pocket that spans the entire rear, allowing you to store larger items like HALO Seals and Combat Gauze Trauma Pads. This would also be a good place for 4x4s.

Directly above the rear pouch there are two small 1″ webbing loops for attaching your own 550 hanging strap to the bag, or to use as anchor points for dummy cord. Along each side of the bag there’s a slide release buckle which connects the 1″ adjustable shoulder strap to the bag so you can carry it on the move.


OSOE Med Bags 06Inside the bag there’s a plethora of elastic to hold almost any configuration of primary lifesaving medical equipment. Primary meaning the three leading causes of death in the field; Extremity Hemorhage, Tension Pneumothorax and Airway Obstruction.

There are 12 different 2″ elastic loops for everything from large bandages like the 6″ TacMed Solutions Olaes Bandage to small packages of Pri-Med Gauze. The top row of 2″ elastic loops also feature two secondary 1.25″ wide slots on each loop to hold smaller items like pencils, NPAs and decompression needles.

Surrounding the interior area on the right and left sides are small 2″ elastic loops that are perfect for either ChemLights or NPAs. The top and bottom most interior feature two 1″ elastic loops that fit the tubes our Decompression Needles come in from our ETA Kits perfectly. These can also be used for additional ChemLights or whatever you can fit there.


The Vehicle Medical Bag Measures 9.5″ wide x 8.5″ tall x 2.5″ deep and is made from 1000d Cordura right here in the USA. It comes in Black, Coyote (shown in photos), Olive, UCP, MultiCam, Foliage and Khaki. (see video below for contents list, no medical supplies are included)

Medical Satchel

OSOE Med Bags 02The kid brother to the Vehicle Med Bag, the Medical Satchel features a versatile mounting solution with PALS webbing lining the rear exterior of the bag.

This enables either docking with another bag, running it on gear, the (hated) drop-leg or even as a stand-alone man med bag with the included shoulder strap.


OSOE Med Bags 04The Medical Satchel features many of the same characteristics as the Vehicle Med Bag, with a 1″ red webbing carrying handle, clamshell opening design and large heavy duty zippers.

On our review bag it also shares the slide release buckles on the sides to attach the shoulder strap, but in the description on OSOE’s Website they list a D-ring attachment now. This seems like a better way to go for this bag, as something we would like to see on the Vehicle Med Bag is the use of repair buckles to be able to completely remove the shoulder strap if it was unneeded.

Again the front 4 column x 4 row PALS webbing makes a great place to attach MOLLE gear, rubberband in tourniquets, hold trauma shears, or anything else you can think of. The rear as previously mentioned lacks the back pouch like the Vehicle Med Bag and features the same 4×4 PALS that the front does. The lack of the exterior pouch is made up for on the interior though.


OSOE Med Bags 06With less interior room than the Vehicle Med Bag, the Medical Satchel still holds quite a bit of equipment. The same elastic loop configuration lines the inside, but the elastic width is sightly smaller on the lower loops of the top and bottom. Upper loops use 2″ wide elastic and lower loops use 1.5″ wide elastic.

The top row of 2″ elastic loops also features two secondary 1.25″ wide slots on each loop to hold smaller items like pencils, NPAs and decompression needles.

A great feature of the interior of the Medical Satchel is that behind both the upper and lower sections of the clamshell design are pouches for holding larger items like HALO Seals, Triage Tags, etc.

There aren’t the additional interior loops like the Vehicle Med bag has for holding ChemLights, so if you want to carry those in this bag you either have to stick them in the secondary elastic loops or on the exterior PALS webbing.


The Medical Satchel Measures 7″ wide x 7″ tall x 2.5″ deep and is made from 1000d Cordura right here in the USA. It comes in Black, Coyote (shown in photos), Olive, UCP, MultiCam, Foliage and Khaki. (see video below for contents list, no medical supplies are included)

Video Review


These new medical pack offerings from OSOE are truly unique bags that offer a great way to store, carry and efficiently organize your medical supplies either in your vehicle or on the go.

A couple of brief things that would make these great bags even better is using repair buckles on the Vehicle Med Bag shoulder strap to completely remove it when not needed and to use binding tape on the interior edges of both bags. We’re not sure if that would take up additional room in the bag, but it would make the edges resist fraying.

Be sure to check out these bags from Original S.O.E. Gear!

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  • Very nice. Might have to talk the boss into buying some of those!

  • Daniel Garcia

    This is what I always wanted in my car!
    So, when is this “give away?” 😉

  • Hey was wondering where to get a first aid kit or pack? I’ve been wanting to put a few first aid kits together {a small one to wear one my vest, another larger kit such as the one above} problem I’m finding is the actual first aid gear not sure of all the stuff I should be sure to have for either kit. Any info regarding where to get supplies, what to get etc would be awesome. Thanks for running a great Tac-Blog I enjoy reading every few days!

  • Steve

    Where did you get the cool fire extinguisher mount shown in your picture? I need one of those to go with the
    med bag!

  • SWATMedic

    My fire extinguisher came with similar mounts. It is a designed specifically for vehicle use. Not as cheap as the home extinguishers, but not nearly as costly as the fancy chrome/SS ones found in auto magazines.

  • Eric Cashion

    Fantastic work from OSOE as usual. A must have for 1st responders.

  • Joel

    Does anyone know what color the bag and satchel above are? My computer screen color is off a little.

  • Hunter

    John at Original SOE builds bombproof gear. I’ve been using the large vehicle medical bag for a while. I really like it.

    the one here on review is OD green.

    • Hunter

      oops, i mean coyote for the color.

      for ideas on what to put in it from people that use their gear everyday, join its a free forum and there is a plethora of info under Battlefeild medicine.

  • Crooks

    Hey guys, just one question for you.

    In the Medical Satchel where the HALOs are, in that top slit pocket, is there room for two packs of HALOs?

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