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Plank Owner Membership Signup is Live!

By The ITS Crew

We’re proud to announce that our Plank Owner Membership is now live and available to the first 250 people to sign up!

You’ll now notice our “Be A Member” sign graphic in the upper right corner of your screen, which is a direct link to the Membership Registration Page.

Before we get into specifics, we’d like to first acknowledge those who are fighting the good fight overseas and may not have access to a computer to register this morning.

We’re going to make things as easy as we can for Military and Law Enforcement to get in on the Plank Owner Memberships. If that’s you, send us an email so we can make arrangements for you.

Read all the details of the Plank Owner Membership and sign up HERE!

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  • Keith

    SWEET I’m SO in.
    PP sent in.

    DANG cant believe I now belong to something “NAVY” related.
    ( trump’d ARMY beats NAVY )

  • Spartan


  • Lively

    I’m in GP sent.

  • ZGhostRex9

    Done, PP sent

  • Thanks for your support guys! These things are going quick!!

  • Spartan


  • MuayThai

    Im in. T-shirts and patches look good.

    • Thanks brother! and thanks for your support!!

      ~ Bryan

  • Kevin Mah

    Thanks, looking forward to seeing more here. Cheers. Be safe.

  • Keydet

    I’m in! Can’t wait for patches to get figured out.

  • i am sooo down! Sent! Planked myself!

  • Way to go with getting everything launched!

  • Terry Trahan

    Are there any slots left?

    • You bet Terry, but they’re going quick!


  • wmcamp0

    Thx guys, got in on this early this AM. Good way to start the day off.

  • kevin gardner

    Are there any memberships left?

    • Kevin,

      Yes, there are still some left but they’re going fast.

  • Just Signed Up! glad to be part of the Crew!!

  • Rob

    Got mine!

  • Doc Rader

    Gotta have a corpsman, right?

  • code24

    Got mine!

  • steve

    are there any pictures of the shirt and patch?

  • tritium

    Glad to be in on this!

  • Hells Yeah! Got Mine!

  • Centurion

    Just signed up as a Plank Owner. This is gonna be cool!

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