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Plank Owner T-Shirts and Patches are Here!!

By Bryan Black

We’re excited to announce that our exclusive Plank Owner T-Shirts have been printed and they look fantastic!

We’d like to take a moment to recognize our Plank Owners for their early and continued support of ITS Tactical and appreciate all that we’ve been able to accomplish with their help.

The shirts should start shipping this week along with the exclusive contest winning Plank Owner Rocker design to be worn above your ITS Tactical Patches.

View more photos below, and let us know what you think!


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  • RA09

    Sharp!! Can't wait to rock the shirt and add the patch to my armor!

  • flashmc

    They look awesome, can't wait to see them in person. Thank you.

  • Kenpojitsu

    Nice!! My eye we ill be on the mail box now!!

  • tuck91

    Sadly enough I missed the chance to be a plank owner I regret that now.

  • ssmith3351

    Yup…wish I joined as plank owner as well. Keep up the great work.

  • John T

    Sweet! I can't wait.

  • Daveyd44

    I will wear both proudly. Thanks Bryan

  • Will

    What about Crew Leaders!?

  • We'll be creating a shirt and patch for our Crew Leaders eventually too Will. Our Plank owners got a special deal though because these were included in their membership when they signed up. It was a way of thanking them for becoming one of the original 250 founding members of ITS Tactical.

  • MIKE10


  • Send us an email Mike.


  • Loki4606

    Looks like my ITS Mulitcam patch has now been replaced as a Plank Owner woohoo

  • Gordon Pace

    I would like to order a plank owner t-shirt if i could.

    • Hey Gordon, the Plank Owner shirts were exclusively for Plank Owners only. Those who first signed on with the site in the beginning. There was a limited number of 250 and after that, there won’t be a new “Plank Owner” although you can get all of the benefits (except the Plank Owner shirt) by signing up as a Crew Leader. Here is more info (and older blog post) on the Plank Owner membership: and here is the current signup page for the current memberships: Let me know if you have any more questions!

    • Gordon Pace

      So i take it that the 250 have already sighned up, is that correct?

    • Yes they have. Sorry for any confusion!

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