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Skeletonized Bottle Holders and ITS Cat Eye Morale Patches Now Available!

By Bryan Black

Designed and manufactured by ITS Tactical and Zulu Nylon Gear right here in America, the Skeletonized Bottle Holder represents a fresh new approach to the typical bottle carriers on the market today. We set out to break the mold of current pouch-like designs that add unnecessary weight and bulk.

We’ve accomplished this by creating a lightweight minimalist design that features true one-handed operation, full adjustment to handle any container size and mounting to either MOLLE/PALS, or a standard belt.

The Skeletonized Bottle Holder features double-layer webbing and strategically placed HDPE stiffener for structure and support. We’ve also created a textured pull-tab for a non-slip grip with adjustable shock cord retention to facilitate one-handed container deployment and accommodate any bottle neck size.

We’ve also created a fully-adjustable system in both width and height that can handle multiple container styles and diameters. Using the included MOLLE/PALS attachment system, it can be mounted virtually anywhere, including most any belt size with a simple configuration of the mounting strap.

A short list of compatible bottle designs include Liberty Bottles (both 32 oz. and 20 oz.), Nalgenes, Klean Kanteens, G.I. Canteens, Guinness Cans and even plastic water bottles.

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ITS Cat Eye Morale Patch

Cat Eyes traditionally hail from certain branches of the military utilizing glowing or reflective strips to help identify friend from foe.

Our friends at Triple Aught Design have been producing their own Cat Eyes, dubbed as Ranger Eyes, for some time now. You’ll find   much of their clothing features a small loop rectangle to attach a Ranger Eye to. Cat Eyes are typically seen in the military in sets of two and TAD’s hoodies even feature two of their loop rectangles to stay true to form.

With support from Triple Aught Design, we’ve created our own ITS Cat Eyes out of PVC that feature a Glow-In-The-Dark ITS Logo Shield on a black 3/4″ x 3/4″ rounded-edge and velcro-backed patch.

Using a flashlight or exposing ITS Cat Eyes to a light source, will help keep them glowing and let your friends distinguish you from foe!

Pick up your ITS Cat Eye Morale Patches here!

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