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Announcing the ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch!

By The ITS Crew

ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch

The suspense that’s been killing some of you is finally lifted! We’re stoked today to announce our ETA Trauma Kit Pouch made exclusively for us by Zulu Nylon Gear!

The ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit Pouch was born out of the necessity in developing both a pouch that could hold our Vacuum Sealed ETA Trauma Kit, as well as the individual components of the kit if the end user needs to break the seal, or wants faster access to certain items.

We worked with Zulu Nylon Gear for nearly a year to design what we feel is one of the best medical pouches on the market today. With a simple pull on the red handle, the pouch quickly filets open to provide immediate access to your medical components without delay.

ETA Trauma Kit Pouch

The main rear-most pocket of the ETA Trauma Kit Pouch provides space large enough to fit our Vacuum Sealed ETA Trauma Kit or a complement of other medical items. The two rear wing pockets are large enough to store Decompression Needles and NPAs or other Airway devices. The main flap panel design comes from our ITS Med Insert that’s included with our Discreet Messenger Bags and allows you to custom configure the shock cord loops to hold whatever you need it to.

ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch

ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch

In the video shown below, we’ll show you exactly how we configure the individual components from out ETA Kits and show you the kit in action!

The ETA Trauma Kit Pouch can also be expediently secured by simply pulling back up on the red handle and affixing the velcro when you have to quickly move out. Trauma shears can be tucked behind the PALS/MOLLE mounting at the rear of the pouch or attached to the single channel of PALS/MOLLE that run on either side of the exterior of the wings. This channel can also be used to secure a tourniquet, tourniquet pouch, or rescue hook pouches.

Something that we wanted when we designed this pouch was for all the items prone to wear to be user replaceable in the field. Rather than use elastic webbing, which is prone to stretching out, we used shock cord so that if for some reason it becomes worn or stretched out it can simply be replaced and not have to be sent back in to get elastic webbing retention re-sewn.

ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch

We’re also not only using MALICE Clips from Tactical Tailor as a means to secure the pouch to PALS/MOLLE, but we include two of them with every pouch unlike some of the other gear you might have purchased. MALICE Clips are dependable and Tactical Tailor recently stated in a shop tour video that they’d only had 2-3 come back for warranty in the years they’ve been making them.

Everything in this pouch from the materials, craftsmanship, labor and MALICE Clips is 100% Made in the USA by Americans and Berry Amendment Compliant.

ITS ETA Trauma Kit Pouch


  • Lightweight 500d Cordura Construction with 420d Pack Cloth Interior
  • Mil-Spec 550 Type III Paracord Zipper Pulls
  • Color-Matched Velcro and Webbing, Including MultiCam Webbing and MultiCam Velcro
  • All Edges Feature Binding Tape for Quality Construction
  • Exterior Single Side Channels of PALS/MOLLE for Mounting Tourniquets, Tourniquet Pouches, Shear Pouches, or Rescue Hook Pouches
  • 1″ Red Webbing Pull Handle Denoting Medical Supplies
  • Reverse Zippers to Keep the Dirt and Grunge Out
  • Exterior Loop Velcro Field for Medical, Blood Type or Unit Identifier Patches (2″ Tall x 4″ Wide)
  • User Replaceable Shock Cord and ITW Nexus CordLoc
  • Weight: 4.2 oz.
  • Measurements: 7″ Tall x 5.25″ Wide x 2.5″ Deep
  • Includes (2) Coyote Brown MALICE Clips for Mounting to PALS/MOLLE (3 Columns x 5 Channels PALS/MOLLE on Rear)
  • Available in Coyote Brown and MultiCam with Color Matched Webbing and Velcro.
  • Made in the USA (Berry Amendment Compliant)

Also check out the Haley Strategic Partners ETA Trauma Kit Pouch Sneak Peek Review and YouTube Video! Thanks for the great review guys!

Order your ETA Trauma Kit Pouch here TODAY!

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  • Looks like you nailed it – Congratulations! Low profile, roomy, and full of functionality.

    You should mention the price and immediate availability in the above article. I had to go to the shop to find that out.

    Congrats again, Brian.


      Looks Great. I buy 2 If you can do them in Ranger Green and BLACK!

  • Very nice!!! I like that you can buy both…now I just need it in OD green and I am in. Anyone else interested in OD?

  • Oustanding product!

    I have just known about it after checking Haley Strategic website.

    I like the zip closure because you keep all the stuff together inside and away from dust and debris. Even though the zip closure you can access quickly to the kit just by pulling the handle.

    I haven’t had the chance to try one of these but it definitely looks practical, effective and efficient.

    Thanks for a new good product for our Brothers In Arms who stay in harms way.


  • Ryan

    Bryan, great product! Any plans for the option to get it in black? Also, what holster is that?

    • MSgt Jay Mattice

      Hey Ryan, That holster looks like a G-Code Kydex Holster with the RTI Molle Adapter.

    • Ryan

      Thanks much!

  • Ben Girdler

    Looks awesome, just wish it came in black so I could put it on my work plate carrier!

    • TacticalTom

      I’m with Ben. It needs to come in black and I’d like to see a positive retention for the shears.

      Otherwise, I’d say you guys have a very well thought out, qaulity piece of equipment.

      Keep up the good work.

      Also, thanks to all the veterans and front liners for your servive. Watch your 6!

  • akaRaven

    I’ll take one in Ranger Green. OD would be find, but Ranger Green preferred!

    What’s the price?

  • Majik Hat

    Any chance it could come with an option for a matching handle color?

    • The handle color is actually important for these trauma pouches because it let’s others know of the contents at a glance.

    • Majik Hat

      Certainly for a trauma pouch, but not necessary for carrying most anything else. It’s such a good design that could easily be used for any kind of quick access storage that doesn’t spill everywhere when you’ve only got one hand free.

    • J.Money

      Wrap it with 550 cord….

    • Jacks


  • Cory Heimark

    a great product, nicely made, well thought out. Definitely something I wished I had over the last ten years.

  • John M Smith

    Black ?

  • Mark Sprengel

    Even though this is one channel wider than the HSGI I just got on my vest I’m putting it my future purchase plans anyway because of all the great features. Range bag/car is where it will go and might make it onto my vest or future LBE in the future. Hmm, I could give my current set up to my fiance. You guys hit a home run!

  • Yakman

    Great piece of kit. The med pouch is well thought out and provides various accessability methods and options for the end user. The only issue that I have with the ETA kit is the use of the Israeli bandage. Tactical Medical Solutions OALES bandage is far superior than the Israeli bandge in my opinion, as it gives the end user more functionality for hemerage control over the Israeli abndage. Just my thought.

    You guys are great inovators and I can’t wait to see what else is in the pipeline.

  • Ed

    I have to agree with the wish that it came in black. Otherwise it looks like an excellent medical pouch! Definitely going on my wish list.

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  • Rusty Shacklefert

    Looks awesome guys, get a black one going and i’ll be placing my order. would kinda look weird on my black pack.

  • OC Tactical

    She’s a beaut Clark, Nicely Done.

  • Glen

    now all i need is a ETA kit witch can be shipped to holland

  • OSFG

    Looks really slick. No bulk to it. WD!

  • I will take one in OD green. When will these be available?

  • Mike

    Looks like a well thought out piece of gear. Will plan to get one when I get an ETA kit.
    By the way, what is that belt in the pics?

  • LAPD_Jim

    Need it in BLACK for my plate carrier. Nice, well thought out piece of gear.

  • Chad

    It’d be really cool if the whole thing had loop material on the back that attached to a surface that you could molle onto a vest or belt.
    That way you could rip the entire pouch off the loop material and have everything you need right infront of you.

  • Looks GREAT! I have a few buddies that will like this for Christmas.

  • Paul Corrie

    I agree with the above posters. Def need one in black for my work PC.

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    You hit a home run in design. Are you planning on other colors. I could use one in BLACK to go on my commo chest rig to carry my Narcs Kit (sorry but Cayote and Multicam would draw unwanted queastions on the street and arent very EMS friendly). I would also pick one up in RANGER GREEN for my JPC.

  • John

    i need black for my work place as well i work security in vegas needless to say i should be buying stock in z fold and have a new found hatred for escalators

  • Michael Harding

    Great piece of kit! I received mine acouple of days ago and it’s now attached to my training belt. Please do some in RG or OD so that I can get another for my plate carrier.

  • J.Money

    Will be looking for Ranger Green in the future. Nice work.

  • Wayland

    Curious as to why you decided not to make it tear-away… Seems most of the newer dedicated pouches are rigged to tear away.

    Otherwise it looks good.

  • John Sabatier

    Looks great, I just need to know when are they coming out in black and OD Green?

  • Marj

    Outstanding KIT but it needs to come in BLACK and GREEN for LEO operators. And with that said I would buy one in each color.

  • robert altrich

    Any chance you guys will make some in Coyote Tan/Khaki?

    • Robert,

      We’re currently offering it in Coyote Brown and Multicam. You can purchase yours at the ITS store by clicking Shop and the top of this page.

  • Utini

    Any word on when these will be back in stock?
    Hopefully in time for Christmas?

    • Utini

      With the blow out kit, that is, not just the MOLLE pouch.

    • Utini, they were just put back in stock today! Thanks!

  • Adam

    I can’t use it at work unless it comes in BLACK. Love Coyote and Multicam, but just can’t use either of those colors right now. Thanks.

  • as an Aussie in Australia, trying to clarify ….
    from the ETA kit page:

    “Due to Z-Medica policy we can not ship QuikClot Combat Gauze outside the US to non APO/FPO addresses. Any International non APO/FPO orders are not allowed on ETA Kits.”

    is there difference between the Mil/LE and Standard/Basic kits offered in this regard? can the non-Mil/LE kits be shipped? Your kit looks great, and i’d love to add it to my camping and adventure-wear gear… Many thanks!

  • Pat

    Just wondering if anyone knew what type of holster the guy in the second picture is running? I haven’t seen a kydex material looking holster in multicam like that one.
    Any ideas???

  • Just an FYI for your QC dept: I’m over in Iraq right now using one of these things. Along the inside flap on the L side, there was too much fabric outside of the stitch along the zipper. This causes the excess fabric to consistently get eaten by the zipper when zipping up the flap, jamming the zipper. Its occurring so often that I really should have sent it back, but other than this issue its a good piece of kit and I really need it out here. I tried to cut back the excess fabric a bit to clear the zipper but it immediately caused fraying up to the stitch. I applied a little heat, which helped but not it looks like crap. Hopefully it holds until I demob’.

    • William, we’ll take care of you brother. Please shoot us an email and stay safe over there!

  • Ben Tregoning

    exactly what ive been looking for! will you be getting these back in stock soon? and how much is shipping to uk for pouch only?

  • Crooks

    The Pouch looks great, the only suggestion I have to note is to offer the Pouch in Ranger Green or OD or both and maybe Khaki. Great job overall!

  • Nathan Britt

    Any chance you will have the multi-cam in stock anytime soon? If not Ill just order the tan.

  • Crooks

    Have you ever thought of making a Rip-Off/Tear-Away Version of the Pouch?

  • Mikedave

    This pouch looks awesome, just what I’ve been looking for. Do you know when Multicam will be back in stock?

  • majik hat

    What chest rig is that in the pictures above? I can’t find it reviewed on the site or anything. Loving my pouch too!

  • kmac179

    Hey Bryan, I am a little late to this party. If I were to put a sealed kit in there, would I have room for 500ml Hextend and a start kit?

    • Hey brother, you’re probably not going to be able to squeeze all that in there. Maybe the solution set, but not the bag. There is extra room in the pouch and some have put an extra tourniquet in there. Hope that helps!

  • brendenvalks

    @Bryan Black the pictures in a couple of the older med posts are missing. (just thought I would give you a heads up)

    • brendenvalks Thanks for the catch, the pictures should be all back in place now.

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