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Spring Into Security: New ITS Security Seals and ITS No Step on Snek Morale Patch in the ITS Store!

By The ITS Crew

Spring is here and we’re excited to be adding brand new products in the ITS Store! To help increase your garage door security, we’re introducing the new ITS Security Seals, which offer protection from garage door bypass attacks. They also work great as tamper evident seals.

Our other addition to the ITS Store this week is the new ITS No Step on Snek Morale Patch, paying a humorous homage to the Gadsden Flag. Check out the details of both our new products below.

ITS Security Seals

The ITS Security Seals were designed to provide protection from a common bypass technique used by burglars, in which they can “hook” your garage door emergency release cable with a coat hanger and disengage the system to effortlessly open your door.

Our break-away ITS Security Seals will still allow the emergency release cable to function as it was designed to in the event of an emergency, but adds an additional layer of protection against the aforementioned attack.

Adding our ITS Security Seals are only part of a comprehensive security plan when it comes to garage doors. Another important step is removing the handle from the release cable and even shortening its reach.

In addition to their use as a garage door security upgrade, our ITS Security Seals can also be used as tamper evident seals on things like gun cases, luggage, etc. Available as a 10-Pack, each red ITS Security Seal measures 8.75” long and features the ITS Logo with “Security” in bold text underneath.

Click here to check out a video demonstration and more information on the ITS Security Seals!

ITS No Step on Snek Morale Patch

We try not to take ourselves too seriously here at ITS (big surprise), so featuring the No Step on Snek meme-turned-Internet-sensation on a morale patch was a no brainer! Let your good humor show while paying homage to the Gadsden Flag.

These 100% embroidered morale patches measure 3” wide x 2” tall and feature a hook backing allowing you to toss it on a bag, hat, or anything with loop.

Get your ITS No Step on Snek Morale Patch in the ITS Store today!

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