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Tactical Snowman Contest

By The ITS Crew

We’ve been trying to come up with a new giveaway contest, and have been inspired by what looks to be the largest single-day snowfall in the D/FW area of Texas.

One of our guys built a Tactical Snowman and we came up with the contest idea, however, this contest will be a bit different then all our others.

Mil-Spec Monkey has donated a  Mega PatchBook and any two in-stock patches of your choice, and to qualify to win it,  simply send us your Tactical Snowman Photos!

You can submit your photo through the upload feature of our Contact page, or submit them directly to our  ITS Reader Photos Flickr Group.

The photos will all wind up on the Flickr Group for everyone to see, so if you have a flickr account you should have already have joined the group right?

The MSM Mega PatchBook is a colaboration between the Monkey and Tactical Tailor which features a clamshell opening containing 4 removable pages to store all of your patch goodness.

Since not everyone in the country has snow right now, we’ll also accept your best photoshopped Tactical Snowman photo too.

Submit your entries by 11:59 p.m (central time) Saturday, February 13th for your chance to win.

Again, this contest is different then our past contests and an “I’m In” won’t get you entered this time.

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  • John Galt

    He shouldn’t leave his gun slung like that…lowready Mr. Snowman!

  • LoL – I bet your neighbors loved seeing an M-4 toting snowman in your front yard wile you took that pik

    One of my neighbors in the states once called the cops because he saw me bring an UZI from my car to my apartment

    I would love to participate but I am in Bali Surfing so no snow, maybe I could make a Tactical Sandcastle

    ~James G

  • Brock

    Ahh all the snow has melted here!

  • I’m in…..wait we don’t have any snow in Hawaii. Well maybe on top of the volcanoes, but no where near me.

    I look forward to seeing the entries.

  • Blake Mims

    I’m i… aww, dang… it doesn’t EVER snow where I live…

    …OMG THEY’RE CALLING FOR SNOW!!!! In Charleston, South Carolina, where it’s either always too warm or a dry cold… You know why this must be, right? IT’S SANTA! He’s finally decided to visit me, AND HE NEEDS THE SNOW FOR HIS SLED! FORGET your patches, I’M GETTING ME AN AR-15!


    Entry sent!

  • What a great contest! Can’t wait to see the entries.

  • Dudes! You don’t have to have snow! He said: “Since not everyone in the country has snow right now, we’ll also accept your best photoshopped Tactical Snowman photo too.”

    So get out there and Photoshop one!

  • Cdt Gillies

    Given that it’s summer down under, i’ll have to brush up on my photo-shopping 😀

  • Failure Drill

    I’m voting for James G and his tac sandcastle….wish I was there surfing instead of here in Illinois…..I bet the rum taste better there too.

  • AGENT000

    No snow here in WA. The Canuks had to truck it in for the Olympics, HA HA.

  • Keith

    If I only hadnt sent my AR10 barrel out to the shop.
    Errrrr I’d have ya a Snowman Sniper prone’d out.

  • Eric

    We haven’t had snow in quite a while here in West Texas. Darn. Although I’m headed to the D/FW area next week, maybe I can do something then.

  • MuayThai

    Pic sent. We got about 4″ of snow last night in the Hickory, NC area.

  • Well, I don’t have any gear to make mine look as cool as the other entries so I had to get creative.

    I have edited a few of the images to make it look more realistic. Let me know what you think!


  • Haha, thats pretty tight, the sniper. I had fun with it, thats for sure. LOL

  • Submitted, it’s listed as govtech2003…


  • MIKE25

    Talk about the Al Gore irony, the folks in Texas have more play snow on the ground than we do in Western Montana. Might have to jump on the snowmobile and head to the high country to actually find enough snow to make an entry…although when I get up there I usually get too distracted with other fun to get any “work” done. 😉

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