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#TREYSTRIBE – The ITS Family Needs Your Help!

By The ITS Crew

Update: We can’t thank the ITS community enough for all the support and thoughtfulness through this last week. We’ve received countless messages of support for Trey and the pre-order for the #TREYSTRIBE Morale Patch has been amazing. We’ll need to start the manufacture of these patches soon, so the pre-order will only be open for a few more days. If you’d like to place a pre-order, please click here.

For years, we’ve seen our ITS Community grow into the most amazing and thoughtful group of individuals. Our community has banded together for numerous fundraisers and we’ve been proud to spearhead thousands in donations to various Veteran, Law Enforcement and First Responder organizations. Today, we’re reaching out to the ITS Community for a more personal cause.

Trey Smith, Bryan and Kelly’s son, was recently involved in a life threatening motorcycle accident. The accident left him unconscious and severely injured, requiring him to be airlifted to a local trauma hospital. He suffered skull fractures with an accompanying brain shear, a shattered shoulder, a broken C2 vertebrae, multiple facial lacerations and will require reconstructive dental work.

Upon arrival to the hospital, he was immediately treated by a great team of medical professionals and once stable, they were able to verify that he didn’t have any paralysis. During sedation the team was able to reconstruct his shoulder, stabilize his additional wounds and determine his vertebrae wasn’t impacting the spinal cord and luckily, that the break in his neck would not require surgery.

He recently had a scare with blood clots developing, but the hospital team has now determined that his neurological symptoms resulting from the brain shear are able to be treated with outpatient therapy and he was recently released into home care.

#TREYSTRIBE Morale Patch

#TREYSTRIBE Morale Patch

The path to recovery is now beginning for Trey. Due to the nature of the Air Ambulance and his continued outpatient therapy falling outside of insurance coverage, we’ve created this fundraiser to help with the long road ahead. Throughout this process, Trey’s incredibly supportive group of friends and family have shared updates on his status using the hashtag #TREYSTRIBE and we felt it would only be fitting to design a custom morale patch around this supportive tag.

In addition to the tag, the #TREYSTRIBE design features his favorite colors (deep purple and a vibrant orange), his high school football number #44 and his signature flat brimmed hat that all who know him recognize. These will be 100% embroidered morale patches measuring 3.5″ Tall x 2.5″ Wide and will feature a hook backing.

Starting today, we’re taking pre-orders for the #TREYSTRIBE Morale Patch. 100% of the proceeds from these funds raised will be used toward his recovery and we can’t thank you enough for your support as a community. Please note, these are pre-order items and will not begin shipping until early October. Any non pre-order items added to your order will only ship when your complete order is ready to ship.

If you’d like to donate directly to this cause without purchasing a morale patch, please visit this link.

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