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Want to Save Some Money on Ammo?

By The ITS Crew

Check out our newest sponsor, Lucky Gunner! We’re all stoked to have them aboard and can’t wait to share the new benefits they’ve hooked our members up with!

Lucky Gunner is an online ammo company that prides itself on having great prices and only showing products that are in stock ready to ship to your door that same day or the next business day. They don’t tease you with products that they don’t have in stock and won’t take days or weeks to get it out the door.

We’re also announcing today that we’re going to give all of our sponsors their own boards in our ITS Forum, starting with Lucky Gunner. It will take us a bit of time to get everything online, but you’ll now be able to communicate directly with our sponsors in our growing forum of nearly 2,500 members!

Lucky Gunner will be offering up some great things to come in our Forum, so stay tuned. So what’s the big announcement?

Coupon for Members

Who doesn’t want to save money on their online ammo purchases? We didn’t think so. Lucky Gunner has graciously created a special discount code for $15 off of any purchase of $200 or more!! This offer is only available to Plank Owners and Crew Leaders, so if that’s you, click here to get the coupon code and enjoy the awesomeness!

Be sure to check out Lucky Gunner for all your ammunition needs, a few of us here have personally purchased ammo from Lucky Gunner and have nothing but great things to say about them!

Stay tuned for the sponsor boards coming to our forum soon!

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