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We Want To Hear From You!

By The ITS Crew

ITS Uncle SamWe’ve been going strong at ITS, and would like to take today to ask our readers to give us some feedback.

What do you like that we’re doing and what do you dislike? Are there topics we’ve been neglecting that you want to hear about?

How about articles you’ve read that you would have liked to had a little more information on.

Throw us a comment, and help us grow into the best tactical resource around.

We appreciate your support!

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  • rkuntz

    FWIW, here’s the perspective of one guy who is not a LEO or serving in the armed forces (with a nod of thanks to those who are). I’m just a high-drag, low-speed armed citizen who takes his responsibilities to defend himself and his family seriously. So I learn everything I can and spend my time and money training with the best guys I can find.

    I enjoy this blog a lot for the variety of topics, the gear reviews (videos especially), the authority and experience of the posters, the good adult discussions. I guess if I had a change I’d like to see, it would be fewer knots and more discussions of technique, training options, drills, first aid – that sort of thing. But if you keep on just the way you are, that will be fine by me.

    • rkuntz,

      Thank you for taking the time to drop us a comment, We’ll definitely be taking your requests into consideration. Can you elaborate more on what you’re after on technique?

      ~ Bryan

  • First let me start by saying this is by far the most “sweet and to the point” website with reviews I have ever come across. I am in the market for a new tactical back back for the range, gear storage, Molle set up, and possibly a bug out bag if it ever comes to that. So this is the one main topic I have yet to find a review on. Keep up the great work guys!! I enjoy this site every morning, it is now part of my routine.

  • Shane

    I enjoy the diversity of topics and the concise length of the articles. The knot articles are pretty much the best thing ever. Like a word of the day calendar but more useful.

    The video how tos and reviews are great. The way you guys cross reference the articles in the right hand side makes site navigation a breeze.

    I would like to see more stuff and urban and wilderness survival and equipment.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Awesome work guys! In the few months you’ve been running you’ve become my ‘go to’ site for gear, reviews and other fun and interesting tactical info. Love what you’re doing, look forward to the future. I enjoyed the tactical driving segments and look forward to seeing more of them in the future. Being a tech spec geek I’d love to see articles covering comms, sights, gps, or any other cool techie gadget y’all find.

    Thanks again for giving us your time and efforts here, kudos!


  • GunMonkey

    I like everything you are doing here. I’d love to see some comparative reviews.

  • TJKV

    I really enjoy the knot of the week series and the gear reviews.
    Where I live, the only way we can get ahold of some of things is ordering them over the internet, so seeing good reviews is a great help for me when I decide how to spend my hard earned cash.
    I would love to see more on EDC gear, be it firs-aid kits, multi-tools, flashlights or any other thing.
    In general I’m ver glad I found this gem of a website.

  • xbrotherx

    The knot series is great! Knots are a lost art and the way you present them is something I look forward to every week.

    Your reviews are great as well. I wish I had some constructive criticism for you but I enjoy what you are delivering and the quality you deliver at.

    Keep up the good work.

    • xbrotherx,

      Thanks for your kind words. We truly believe knots a lost art as well, and we started the KOTW to try to instill their importance into our readers. It’s great to hear that people look forward to it every week.

      Thanks again,

  • I love what you do. I look forward to your posts weekly. I agree with the top poster that if you don’t change anything, then it’ll all be just great. I like the knot of the week, but I’d like to see some more posts on skills, first aid, and other things that will help your readers with their proficiency in combat environments. Your knots fit well into that, but I would love more diversity. I wait with bated breath for you to finish your scuba segment.

    • John,

      Thanks for the kind words, and we’ll definitely be taking your suggestions on board. Scuba stuff is coming along a bit more slowly then we’d like but is on schedule!

      ~ Bryan

  • John Galt

    I love the knot stuff cause normally I would just skip over such an important topic but the whole knot of the week thing is great, a lot of people I think don’t realize how important knots are. I didn’t, thanks ITS! But yes “I’d like to see some more posts on skills, first aid, and other things that will help your readers with their proficiency in combat environments.” Love how you guys simplify stuff so well! Your knot instructions are the best I’ve ever seen, pictures and videos! Its great!

    • Who is John Galt? LOL… Great screen name!

      Thanks for your support, suggestions and excellent feedback on the KOTW series, glad you’re liking what we’re putting out!

      ~ Bryan

  • I really enjoy all these articles. You guys are doing great. The only thing that comes to mind to do a review on are the KIA bracelets that some of us wear including me and I think you do as well.

    • Juan,

      Thanks for your support, and the tip on the KIA bracelets. I have been personally wearing them for a few years now, and there are well made bracelets out there and badly made ones.


    • Yea I have seen some bad ones around. The first one I bought back in 2006 broke a little while after I got it and it was huge too but you could only put like the rank, and name, and DoD. Since then I’ve only owned two (replaced one that grew legs) that I have bought from a different website. I’ve never seen any reliable reviews on any of them.

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