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Win an ITS Bushcraft Essentials Prize Pack and Not Yet Released ITS Brass Fire Starter *Update*

By The ITS Crew

Bushcraft Essentials Giveaway

Update! The ITS Brass Fire Starter is now available in the ITS Store!

We get really excited every time we add a new product to the ITS Store and while we’re not quite ready to release one of our latest products just yet, we wanted to give one away to a lucky reader as part of our Bushcraft Essentials Prize Pack.

On its own, fire is arguably one of the greatest discoveries of all time. In a survival situation, being able to start a fire can mean the difference between life and death. Whether we’re camping or exploring outdoors, we know how important it is to be prepared and have a few different methods of getting a fire started no matter the conditions.

One of the principles we live by here at ITS HQ is that we’re always working to outperform in any way we can. Innovation and quality are key essentials to a good product and our new fire starter showcases those traits exactly. In our search for a lightweight yet heavy duty fire starter, we came up with one that’s easier to hold, thanks to a wider purchase area. Additionally, the oversized wheel aids in easily throwing a larger spark than any other small sized sparker we’ve come across. While the official release is still yet to come, it could be your lucky day to grab the first one out the door before anyone else.

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Bushcraft Essentials Giveaway

What’s Up for Grabs?

One lucky individual will win the ITS Bushcraft Prize Pack that includes:

This contest is only running for a few days so make sure to get your entries in!

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Good Luck!

Congratulations to Will S. for winning this latest contest and thanks to all who entered! In case you didn’t win this time, stay tuned to more contests in the future! 

Contest Fine Print:

  • One winner will be selected at random and will receive prize pack listed above.
  • Winner will be notified by email. Once contacted, they have 24 hours to claim their prize. If we do not receive a response from within 24 hours, we will select a new winner.
  • Contest ends at 11:59 PM CST on 9/28/14

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  • Actually, in my experience the absolute must-have for outdoor emergencies is a reliable flashlight with strong batteries. It’d do for handling injuries, for setting up camp, for signaling, and for following a badly marked trail.

    A friend and I once came Mt. Constance in the Olympics after dark. The trail was only roughed in so the one-and-only flashlight I had was most helpful. Then it died. We ending up stumbling down through the woods, taking care to keep the sound of a stream to our right until we hit a road that ran up the valley below. If our path-finding had been more complicated than that, we’d have ended up stranded on that mountain until sunrise–and that after being away and climbing for some thirty hours.

    That said, when the weather is damp and cold a fire can be a joy and a delight, so fire-starters are a must have.

  • backwoodsbrooks1

    This looks really cool.  It would be amazing to win and play around with.  Not to mention the vast amount of weight it would cast in the balance of surviving a night or a month in the back-country in adverse conditions.  I’ve spent three weeks in the Wind River Vally and a week in the Gros Vant territory of WY and I know first hand how fire can make all of one’s cares go fluttering up into the flames as they warm you.  I’m glad that ITS Tactical is giving this prize pack away and I’ve got my fingers crossed for the winner, be it me or some other lucky subscriber.  Thanks.

  • DougKrogh

    I have to have a knife with me.

  • hrddrv

    This would be great. I can always use a knife. Maybe give my son my old one.

  • Billy Bogota

    Ditto on a good knife — I love my Bark River STS-4.


    Outstanding products and giveaway, as always.

  • whereisanthony

    Gotta have my knife

  • One thing?
    Paracord.  Almost an infinite number of uses, even more than survival if you know what you’re doing… and I will most definitely be picking up a decent amount of ITS’s Jute Paracord as soon as I am able to, that’s for sure.  This fire starter?  CERTAINLY a *must have* item for EDC and any GO bag/B.O.B., any day of the week.

  • The Pixelated

    Can’t beat a good knife!

  • dozer2504

    Good knives save lives

  • KevinZuniga

    Hatchet/Tomahawk. It’s a weighty, blunt instrument of violence that becomes the most versatile tool in fashioning shelter, killing food, etc. I used to say “a knife” but the knife leaves a bit to be desired 😉

  • mimoulton

    Have to have a knife. Most everything else can be improvised.

  • Kristin B

    OOOOO I need this!

  • Kristin B

    I need a good knife!

  • Geist

    Sleeping pad

  • Zach

    Since I always have at least one knife with me anyway, a must-have camping item for me is a good headlamp.

  • Andy

    a nice general purpose knife

  • Foxbatt

    been looking at these for awhile now

  • jdknightjr

    This would be great to keep in my get home bag. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • jakobhoffer14

    a lighter

  • lightsider03

    A good multitool

  • JulienLeclercChenevert

    A good knife is with me on all my camping trip befor it was a gerber knife but now its my mora its knife 🙂

  • RKlenka

    Fire good

  • Nicolas Santos

    A good all-in-one knife

  • Blackhawk13

    I usually have a quality knife with me all the time, but other than that I always make sure I have a good set of boots on. Camping is no fun with a rolled ankle.

  • EDCAdventures

    Besides the essentials to provide food/water/fire/shelter is a good book

  • AllenD

    My wife/good friends to go with!

  • Howie K

    Blastmatch firestarter and my morakniv!

  • SteveO63

    I can’t live without my Mora!

  • TomGrace

    One can never have enough knives or fire lighting implements!

  • ChristopherGray


  • exile259


  • Mauro hott

    Good pair of boots, quality blades, multitool, ferrocerium, oil lighter and a small flashlight. Happens to be my body EDC…

  • Job Espejel

    My wife, some water and food

  • Mystery_Meat

    Knife, and or an axe!

  • Edward

    Peace and quiet.

  • Glen allen


  • KATO

    Booze or cards

  • Brandon

    fire and friends

  • ffemt94

    Fire, Friends and fine booze!

  • CampbellJ2807

    A quality axe and some quality friends

  • Hunter

    My dad’s old zippo!

  • Michael Ray

    My pipe and tobacco.

  • SurvivalPunk

    That knife and fire striker looks amazing. I’m a sucker for brass anything

  • KenDavis500


  • jim

    my pipe and flask.

  • nathanb654

    A knife and fire.

  • belovedveritas

    knife and hawk

  • esthert119

    My kids – the fact that they love camping is the only reason I consider camping enduring it.

  • VerticalSpark

    Always need more for the adventures!

  • russpears

    My buck knife

  • NeoGumby

    Strawberry cheesecake camp meal

  • Knife

  • Pete

    My Cold Steel Special Forces shovel.

  • Jason S

    My knife

  • FredericMcCall

    Gerber Multitool

  • almartin93

    Sweet giveaway.

  • Fathertime583

    My hammock! The best part of camping is kicking it back in my ENO single and enjoying the great outdoors. (In all seriousness the one thing I couldn’t LIVE without would be my ESEE 4). thanks for the opportunity guys!

  • tdb

    Can’t go camping, even in the backyard, without a good knife in my pocket or on my belt! Usually a spyderco military…

  • BentbrookGC

    That’s one beautiful, awesome kit!

  • Alecks_f

    creature comfort and morale raiser is a PB and J sandwich in a ziploc and aloksak.
    otherwise for basic survival and bushcraft ESEE izula with a ferrorod in the paracord wrapped handle.

    – father time: how do you find the size of the ESEE 4 for general bushcraft? I’ve been considering the 3, but not sure if it will be enough blade for heavier tasks. My izula out chops it’s weight but it still has its limits.

  • DIYdaddy

    My SOG Seal Pup!


    I can’t live without my hammock. Being off the ground is so much nicer than dealing with tents.

  • klomboy

    Definitely a knife. Nice kit btw.

  • joe

    Has to be a knife. The hardest thing to replicate in the field. Useful for survival but also handy and useful on any camping trip.

  • mike

    I vote for a good knife also!

  • GuyDownThere

    My leatherman wave

  • AkimboJimbo

    Can’t camp without a good knife and a good hammock.

  • ussgrant

    When backpacking with the kids, astronaut ice cream and Mountain House raspberry Crumble are must haves.


    USMC Kabar with kydex sheath and flint

  • alexp206

    My candle Lantern. Best low impact light source.

  • MichaelMarass

    My ka-bar knife

  • my wife

  • Njmat


  • ronda

    Yummy home made trail mix.

  • NickHarrison1

    A good pair of boots.

  • Ahbe

    Woot! I love prizes.

  • Kifaru Woobie…so cozy.

  • This would be so useful!

  • Oh, now I see the question – I couldn’t live without my sleeping bag. So important to still be cozy in the woods!

  • sepayne53

    A good knife

  • lanmansa

    Good quality knife!

  • BenGirdler

    Always have my knife and fire materials! Be prepared! Once an Eagle, always an Eagle!

  • JamesWalbert

    I cannot live without my knife or Bourbon.

  • OFRGunny

    My Ka-Bar. Holds an edge and takes a beating.

  • Gotta take my ESEE knife and a way to make a fire!  Cannot wait until the ITS brass firestarter comes out!

  • andrefredette

    I can’t camp without a knife. Current EDC is a ZeroTolerance 0561.

  • I can’t camp without a good pair of boots. A knife is handy, but I can make do without; backpacks are great, but a duffle will work equally as well. Boots, however, are the one thing that let me keep on trekking through the backwoods, up and down mountains, and across any terrain. I can’t camp without my boots.

  • abgillette

    Knife… always need a knife

  • rlemons23

    Looks like a great kit.

  • DavidCarasiti

    Love it

  • Johanfir

    A good sleeping bag, without it the next morning is shot!

  • GlitchsTheName

    Sweet! Maybe post a video on how to use it? I’ve never seen one demonstrated before..

    • GlitchsTheName

      (The brass firestarter is what I mean, I know how to use the other stuff)

    • GlitchsTheName

      And without a knife, I’m nothing when I’m camping!

  • EarlHerman

    What an AWESOME giveaway package!!! I will be sharing the HELL out of this!! Thanks for the chance!! ITS ROCKS!!!!!

  • Matt

    Great giveaway… I can’t live without a fire, even it’s a small one it helps me unwind. It’s always been a conversation starter for me and my dad, and definitely makes camp feel like home. I love taking different types of kit and using a variety of methods to start them. It’s exciting to practice different methods and discuss techniques.

  • jimed43

    What a great set of kit!  Looking forward to more stuff!

  • jdmitch

    What can’t I live without, while camping? Coffee.

  • fullduplex14

    a good cup of coffee

  • roughkat

    Can’t live without a fire while camping

  • Frosty406

    Coffee and bear spray.

  • Eric

    My GSD/Husky Mix, and beer, but that’s probably just a given.

  • Chris Sturgill

    A good knife

  • masternave

    My ESEE 5…

  • LuisTuero

    A good knife and fire steel combo

  • Hank77

    A survival kit

  • Martens J

    A nice fire, some meet for grilling, and a few beers.

  • William


  • backyardsniper

    Seems like a great product.

  • Chris

    Would be awesome to have out in the field

  • Karen

    Great giveaway!

  • sanderman79

    Knife and fire source

  • Irelander

    My ESEE Izula II

  • Bryan

    A nice fire warm fire

  • HaggisHunter

    Would have to be a strong knife, rocks are good in a pinch but nothing beats a reliable blade.

  • bigfoot

    Hmm… the one thing I can’t live without when camping? An air mattress / ground pad. Nothing like a good night’s sleep!

  • caytonjones

    I can’t live without a knife and a campfire.

  • scbubba

    I gotta have a good camp knife, like the TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft knife!

  • evan95

    A brain! Bring a good one of those and you can make up for the anything else.

  • Daniel Green

    A good camp knife. It serves a modicum of purposes besides cutting.

  • BW

    A high quality headlamp is hard to beat…..

  • bishop0341

    A steel bottle and a knife

  • Matt

    My knife!

  • RMR

    Always carry a knife!

  • wink

    Knife and a firearm

  • rebeldrummer85

    Knife. Firearm. Knowledge

  • captbarbosa

    A sturdy knife and a good water source

  • Ryan

    Coffee.  Not practical.  Not necessary.  But Coffee.

  • ThomasPentzer

    A good knife.

  • TimLewallen

    A knife is a must have.

  • S_O_L

    Wife.  Somebody’s gotta gather the firewood.

  • Sarah Scotland


  • TimHernandez1

    A good Headlamp and extra Dry Socks and Underwear…. No more jungle rot for this guy.

  • drubin44

    Can’t live without a second pair of clean socks and I can’t live without my knife.

  • Mr2pointO

    Always need a good knife.

  • JonesFoxxJr

    Toile tpaper  :]

  • Teraax

    My JetBoil, Hot food and drink makes cool nights in the hammock more enjoyable.

  • steven b

    My woobie! aka poncho liner

  • AJ

    Led flashlight. Felix or 4sevens.

  • thammuz

    I like to have a flashlight and source of fire, I keep a ligher and a Swedish Fire Steel with me just for backup.

  • ShaneSingleton

    A lot of stuff can be made as long as you have a good blade.

  • Matthew L

    A good knife. Everything else falls into place if you have a good knife.

  • Wunderbar!

  • I can’t live without some way to make coffee.

  • Jagdhund

    A knife or hunters axe.

  • MattHorne


  • JoshLaw1

    A knife or lighter

  • RyanEvans2

    Your mom

  • Hoiness


  • JoshuaHowerton


  • KarlG

    First aid kit

  • FrazierDamon

    Baby wipes.

  • SarahBlakely

    A solid knife for whittling and other projects while enjoying nature

  • DavidChiu

    Cool kit!

  • Taylor TX

    Gotta have a good fixed blade knife for camping, curious to learn more about this one.

  • Josh T S

    A good knife.

  • A quality knife

  • NCAA68

    Beef jerky

  • Richard

    Love this! What a great firestarter!

  • Scav WV


  • hwells98

    While a knife would be my number one “tool”. One thing I always carry with me, especially in the woods or while camping, is a survivor’s mindset.

  • MichelleLyn

    I would bring my ENO hammock. If I am going to die in the wilderness, I might as well be comfy.

  • Da bomb

    Well, if I win the package, I would probably be taking that sweet ITS mora on all my camping trips.

  • AWMooreCO

    This would be perfect in my BoB/Camping Bag!

  • Bilydend

    A handgun. With a handgun you can lie, cheat or steal the rest.

  • mkajimoto95

    A good knife that can go that extra mile is really good. Getting familiar with said knife is the best thing you can do before you head out on your adventure

  • mldowning1

    I’m never caught on a camping trip without my woobie and plenty of beer.

  • Sosh

    knwoledge… i think is the “first line” tool anyone can develope….. with that you can create other tools or bypass  the lack of gear……. having a knife is also a great idea.

  • USMC1

    I would have to say fire. You can use it many ways (light, moral, warmth, cooking, boiling water, and to keep bugs away & animals at bay). This would be great to give to my son who is starting his own B.O.B.

  • metric mayhem

    i can’t live with out my campfire cappuccino maker

  • DaronFlowers

    Looks awesome would be great addition to the bob.

  • MaryToleson

    A good knife

  • Diablo1968

    Some sort of fire making device if not all of them , Try the weakest first .

  • MatthewFlowers

    I have to have my survival knife.

  • MC

    A good knife is absolutely something I can’t live without.  I keep one on my EDC, in the glove box, and just about any bag I take anywhere.

  • GeorgePlunkettIII

    Great Gear, wish i had had it for the 8/24 earthquake here in Napa.

  • Carl L.

    My knife.  It does most of my camp chores, and can even make fire in a pinch

  • DanielTheCaptain

    Great basic survival kit and keck-ass logo! Proud to own it.

  • MAYutzy

    Love the firestarter

  • JohnathonGuinn


  • SeaZea

    Awesome kit to have

  • minus252

    My knife and axe.

  • ChairleBass

    My fire making kit

  • LOWeen

    My glasses.

  • sage729

    My knives.

  • Mike K292

    A solid fixed blade.

  • Randy

    Always need a knife! Come on baby light my fire!

  • Shoguntuck

    I tried to enter via the tale copper but it doesn’t work via mobile apparently 🙁
    I don’t go camping without my Mora.

  • Mark M

    Lately I’ve been grabbing my down jacket more and more. The $6 Mora is a good bit of carry too.

  • Bret Kessinger

    My leatherman super tool 300.

  • blackhawx

    That would be my Ontario knife!

  • KenArcher

    A great knife and a fire starting kit.

  • Squirtle

    A good pillow.

  • ABell


  • Jorge

    A knife is critical for too many reasons to count.

  • Beth

    My kids, because I want them to learn to be self reliant.

  • hcm004

    My dog. She does really well hiking and camping.

  • apampolino08

    cant go without food

  • Tim

    Deep Woods Off.  I’m apparently the mosquito’s Golden Corral…

  • Benne

    The SAK Tinker I got when I was 9

  • THELaneCook

    My benchmade 810

  • ray


  • rick_stowe


  • RedcrossReborn

    Caffeine…for the mornings…

  • Kristjan

    Arc`teryx coretex socks 😀

  • bttysqui

    Food! I guess 😉

  • JasonSheneman

    My Favorite pillow

  • Bryan

    A good pair of boots.

  • Austin

    A Stanley flask filled with good whiskey

  • Adam

    Just a good seat by the fire.

  • J_prit

    darn tough socks!

  • BigMuddy37

    I can’t live without a good iron skillet when camping

  • bird114

    I can’t camp without my bug spray.

  • MegaMom9

    A mosquito proof tent

  • JonGoldner

    A great knife!

  • Cam84

    Good socks

  • MorganW

    A sturdy knife.

  • ChuckSanders

    A sleeping bag

  • Sam

    My knife

  • gregdaynes

    Peace, quiet and solidarity.
    But more importantly, my knife.

  • RobDogMH60T

    A shelter- whether it’s a tent, hammock or a lean to.

  • wildernessRN

    Have to agree with the majority and go with my knife!

  • MarkGraves1

    toilet paper

  • kyle429

    Knife. Also, bug spray helps lol.

  • RaymondFarrow


  • SteveHupe

    A knife can get me everything I need.

  • bmallen18

    I would have to agree with pretty much everyone else and say a knife, but my ENO Hammock is a close second!

  • JoshMedic

    My wife. And my knife.

  • DustyLeeHjelle

    A good knife!

  • scottlewis30

    Knife for sure

  • iriedigg

    Hands down, my SOG knife

  • dustydash


  • DragonFire819

    That hatchet though…

  • michael


  • Joseph

    Cutting tool

  • moorerandy


  • Johnny1885


  • Crypto137


  • BrianAckley1

    200 feet of  paracord

  • jamesonraines


  • ErichSchultz

    A good knife. With a good knife you get almost everything else.

  • x Prepper JJ x

    In before the buzzer.

  • Gallowglass

    Khukri… which I guess puts me in with the “good/great knife crowd.

  • lulz

    Lol, I hear in texas if your house burns down, it’s your fault and they’ll execute you for it.  Why keep all these firestarters around?

    • JoeFreedom

      @lulz Surely you have somewhere else to troll..

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